You and your team work together day in and day out. It’s usually all about work, through email, phone, and sometimes in-person these days. But what you’re really missing out on is true team building…with a kit! What are team building kits though? I’ll tell you! It’s a fully packaged box that accompanies a team-building activity; there could be treats involved, some food, or just a classic souvenir. It’s a fun keepsake to remind you of all the fun you’re about to have!

To help you navigate the best of the best, we’ve rounded up a list of 7 kick-ass, team-approved team building kits.


chefinar-team-building-kitGrab that apron and chef it up with our live, interactive virtual cooking class experiences. Each 90-minute experience features an award-winning chef as they lead guests through a special recipe. You’ll also get an exclusive peek inside chefs’ home kitchens as you cook along in real-time – see where the real magic happens. You can even upgrade to ingredient delivery or add drinks to dinner for a luxury experience.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: All recipe ingredients – excluding pantry staples like salt and oil, flavor balance reference guide, and bonus flavor tripping experience kit.

COST: $65+


music-class-team-building-kitMusic can bring people together from all over! Add some tunes to your life and travel, virtually, to Nashville with Music Evolution. Over 60 minutes, the team will go through team building challenges, trace the history of music with vibrant and knowledgeable guides, and you’ll get to “jam out.” Bonus, there are two live in-studio guides and one Nashville tour guy to show you around Music City.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: 2 live in-studio tour guides, 1 live Nashville tour guide, 3 thematic break-out rooms, and treat boxes, including Rap Snacks Cardi B chips, 4 Teabook Artisteas, gourmet popcorn, Nashville peanut brittle, kazoos, and custom corporate card with your logo and information.

COST: $30 -$85 per person


virtual-happy-hour-team-building-kitWe all know how fun it is to play bartender! Creating a delicious cocktail and serving it to your friends is so exciting and our virtual happy hour will teach how to do just that. Over the course of 60 minutes, our virtual happy hour experiences focus on flavor balance and mixology skills, led by an award-winning bartender and culinary host. Craft your own cocktails with instructions, tips, and stories along the way. Upgrade to ingredient delivery for an all-inclusive experience.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: High-quality spirit, housemade syrups & bitters, fresh citrus, deluxe garnish, recipe card, and Avital branded welcome insert. 

COST: $50+


candle-making-team-building-kitSometimes you need a little rest & relaxation with your team to connect. I know you’re all hard workers so it’s nice to kick back and just enjoy each other’s company. Over the course of 60 minutes, you will be guided through the art of candle making. Beyond the fact that your team will get to share in this calming experience, they’ll also have a memento from this memorable time.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Soy wax, wicks, 2 essential oils, 2 fragrances, melting container, and tins/glass containers 

COST: $44 + $19 shipping + $225 instructor fee


flavor-trip-team-building-kitTake your tastebuds on a journey with this unique virtual team building experience. Explore the magic of miracle berries as you push flavor boundaries with incredible activities and experiments, led by an Avital flavor expert. Our flavor trips are specially designed for highly interactive team building and social networking events. Ingredient delivery included for a seamless experience. You won’t believe your…tongue!

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Miracle berries, citrus fruit, 2 delicious snacks, surprise bonus items, and Avital branded box with step-by-step guide. 

COST: $75+


paint-night-team-building-kitGetting creative with your team members is an excellent way to improve communication and problem-solving skills. With the Painting to Gogh experience, you’ll be able to connect with your teammates in a fun and interactive way as the instructor guides you through a painting of your choice!

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Studio Kit includes 16×20 canvas, acryclic paints, paper palette, disposable apron, video tutorial, set of 5 brushes, and aluminum easel.

COST: $49.99


water-tasting-team-building-kitDid you know that water tastes different around the world? Well, it does! Learn all about the differences in taste when you join a Certified Water Sommelier and an Avital Emcee Host for a guided water tasting. Waters are delivered to guests’ doors in premium glass bottles from around the world. Discover how different water can taste by sampling the world’s most premium H2Os. Food pairings included, plus guests can compare their tap water to these natural spring waters for a fun experiment.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: 5 premium water bottles in 750mL glass bottles, including: 3 still waters and 2 sparkling waters, 1 water test strip for tap water, and 2 delicious food pairings. 

COST: $100+

Choosing activities that come with a team building kits show that you’re willing to go the extra mile for your team – and as someone on the receiving end of it, we really appreciate it!