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Virtual Tongue Twister Tasting

Experience flavor like never before during this unique virtual team building experience. Explore the magic of miracle berries and you push flavor boundaries with incredible activities and experiments, led by an Avital: Flavor Expert. A high-energy, punchy group event with Tasting Kits delivered

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What’s Included?

Tasting Kit (Serves 2)

  • Miracle Berries
  • Fresh Citrus Fruits
  • Jellybeans
  • Kombucha
  • 2 Sour Candies
  • Avital: Welcome Insert


45-Minute Live Event

  • Avital: Emcee Host
  • Flavor Tripping with Miracle Berries
  • Beanboozled Jelly Bean Game
  • A Totally New Flavor Perspective!

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So, What The Heck Is Tongue Twister Tasting?

Tongue Twister Tasting is a unique virtual team building experience all about temporarily altering your tastebuds to experience flavor in a whole new way! We use a miracle berry native to West Africa to coat the tongue, causing previously sour foods, like lemon and kombucha, to taste deliciously sweet.

  • Perfect Break for Long Conferences
  • Add a Cocktail Kit for More Flavor Fun
  • Great for Large Groups

Featured In

That was really fun. You were GREAT to work with. My team has a high bar for these virtual events, and you overachieved. It was very fun and interactive. – Dan G, Google, 8 Guests
All I can say is you were amazing and made me want to use Avital for every event. I always feel like I have to run everything and in this case....just sat back and enjoyed the ride. What a talent you have. Already wrote people saying we need to book this event for other groups. Thank you for making our day. – Kathleen O, Google, 59 Guests
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Avital has spent the last 10 years designing award-winning culinary experiences. We’ve now brought that expertise to the digital world with our unique virtual team building experiences. We’ve served over 40,000 virtual guests with the mission to deepen human connection through interactive food + drink experiences. Come Eat with Us!

Why Book This Unique Virtual Team Building Event? 

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  • All-Inclusive: All ingredients are included in delivery
  • Events hosted on Zoom or video conference of your choice
  • 8 Ticket Minimum
  • Run Time: 45 Minutes
  • Turnkey Booking: Our culinary curators handle all the logistics and details
  • Availability: 7 days a week with start times 9am EST to 9pm PST
  • Group Size: We can accommodate any group size. Flavor Tripping experiences have a 12 person minimum. For large group options, see Virtual Conference Experiences


  • USA
    • Shipping to the contiguous United States
    • 10 business day lead time for ingredient deliveries


    • Additional $20 per Canadian guest
    • 10 business day lead time for ingredient deliveries

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