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Virtual Team Building

We specialize in curated, interactive, and fun virtual team building experiences for remote teams. Boost morale, enhance your company culture, and deepen connection, whether you’re a group of 15 or 500! All experiences are led by an Avital Emcee Host with Ingredient Delivery included.

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That was really fun. You were GREAT to work with. My team has a high bar for these virtual events, and you overachieved. It was very fun and interactive. – Dan Goldstein, Manager at Google, 8 Guests
Your awesome and knowledgeable bartender made my team's experience top notch! – Mikala R., Management Associate, 54 Guests
All I can say is you were amazing and made me want to use Avital for every event. I always feel like I have to run everything and in this case....just sat back and enjoyed the ride. What a talent you have. Already wrote people saying we need to book this event for other groups. Thank you for making our day. – Kathleen Oliver, ABP at Google
Thank you for creating such a phenomenal event for our sales reps!! The event was so creative and truly kept the attendees engaged the entire time. I cannot wait to do more! – Trish B., Head of Field Marketing at Hyperscience, 26 Guests
My team recently did a water tasting with Avital. It was AMAZING! We tasted different waters from all over the world. We learned so much about what makes a water taste great. We will never think about water the same way again. – Adrienne, Organizer for Genentech

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Choose Your Virtual Team Building Experience

For Every Type of Remote Team

We understand not all remote team structures are the same. We’ve designed our experiences especially for highly engaging group interaction,
whether you’re a fully virtual team, hybrid team, globally distributed, and beyond!  

or if your team works in-person, check out our experiences in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York

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Kit Delivery

All experiences include ingredient delivery options, including wine and spirits for alcohol-forward events. Kits not only make it easier for guests (and you!), but they add an enhanced level of engagement and give a luxury, all-inclusive feel. And, come on, who doesn’t love to receive a package in the mail.

Whether you’re boosting morale or celebrating team wins, our Virtual Experiences + Kits will deliver.

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Avital Tours has spent the last 10 years designing award-winning culinary experiences. We’ve now brought that expertise to the digital world with our virtual events for groups. We’ve served over 40,000 virtual guests with the mission to deepen human connection through storytelling and food (and drinks, of course!). Come Eat with Us!