Dry January Team Building with Virtual Water Tasting!

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Innovative Corporate Team Building

We specialize in creating innovative, interactive Corporate Team Building experiences featuring delicious food and drink. Boost morale, enhance your company culture, and deepen human connection with mouthwatering courses, incredible stories, and hands-on activities.

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Thank you so much for all that you did to pull off such a well-organized and fun experience for my team of over 75 people. You were each so great and keeping everyone engaged, and your energy and enthusiasm was refreshing! The added-on team-building activities were hugely impactful for helping the team members get to know one another better. – Emily, Executive Assistant, Salesforce
Legit the easiest event I've put together all Pandemic! The drinks were lit, our mixologist was knowledgeable, and well had a lovely, little, boozy time! – Raya H, ABP, Google
Since this was a work team event we greatly enjoyed the time together in such a fun environment. Sophie was such a delight and our whole team loved her company, her knowledge of the area and of each restaurant. Other team members commented on the variety of the restaurant stops, the amazing food choices, and great drink pairings. Sophie was also so accommodating for our team’s food allergies and everyone felt included. – Mackenzie E, Manager, KPMG LLP

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What Is Corporate Team Building?

Corporate team building is when a group of colleagues are brought together for an event or activity that extends beyond standard office setting and tasks. The purpose of team building is to create a stronger connection and strengthen relationships between coworkers. Team building activities come in many forms, but all aim to create connection and improve communication, which typically result in more productivity and cooperation back in the office.

We specialize in corporate team building through interactive food+drinks experiences. We believe sharing food + drink is the ultimate way to connect in an authentic, inclusive, and fun way. 

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