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2.5 Hours 4 Courses 3 Neighborhoods$250+ Per Pair

Explore three iconic San Francisco neighborhoods on this outdoor food tour! Enjoy a four-course progressive meal as you pick up food from each restaurant in your choice of transportation. Then dine in beautiful outdoor settings with accompanying audio guide to tell you the story of the restaurants and the chefs.

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How it Works

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Your Outdoor Progressive Meal

Our all-inclusive four-course food tour visits four restaurants, including two appetizers, one entree, and one dessert, in three iconic San Francisco neighborhoods: North Beach, Chinatown and FiDi/Embarcadero. Enjoy culinary history and stories from our audio guide as you dine in beautiful outdoor settings.

Our Cravings Outdoor Food Tour focuses on dishes you’ve been dreaming of during stay-at-home measures from pizza to sushi. We’ve all spent months in our own kitchens getting crafty (raise your hand if you’re now a sourdough expert!), but there are certain dishes that simply taste better out. Choose the transportation method that best fits your style as you cruise between our curated restaurant stops for a truly unique takeout experience.


It’s takeout, upscale and elevated. The day before your experience we’ll email you with your itinerary, including four restaurant stops, each with an outdoor dining location. Enjoy a four-course meal of two appetizers, entree, and dessert. Food will be ready and waiting for you upon arrival at the restaurant!


Authentic Italian wood-fired pizza from the oldest pizza oven on the West Coast – Voted No. 3 Best Pizza in the US according to People Magazine’s Pizza Search

Savor a divine buttermilk fried chicken sandwich by Chef Tyler Florence who has elevated fried chicken to a new level! The bird, coated with fresh herbs, is roasted low and slow and then marinated in buttermilk and only after many hours is it ready to be fried to perfection!

Sink your teeth into legendary Kokkari’s zucchini cakes, a delicate and luscious treat that will transport you straight to Greece with its flavors of mint, yogurt, and lemon!

Bask in delicious Avgolemono, a velvety and luxurious chicken and rice soup — and a Greek staple! — by one of San Francisco’s most celebrated Greek restaurants!

Missing Dim Sum? Taste these Working Hand Dumplings and Sheng Jian Bao at one of San Francisco’s most epic Chinatown restaurants

A sushi bento box from Michelin-starred Chef Michael Mina

Delight your palate with scrumptious dim sum, like flaky and succulent scallion pancakes and juicy dumplings by a Michelin Bib Gourmand Sichuan restaurant!

Explore one of San Francisco’s most iconic markets, with three different dessert tastings: Carrot Muffins with cream cheese frosting, handmade chocolate truffles paired with hot chocolate

Indulge into a creamy and silky tiramisu from one of North Beach most authentically Italian restaurants!

*EACH TOUR INCLUDES 4 COURSES with portions for 2 guests


Our self-guided food tours lead you around three iconic San Francisco neighborhoods, including Chinatown, North Beach, and FiDi. Choose the transportation method that best fits your style! GoCars are great for couples who want to experience their city in a new way. You can also choose to cruise in the comfort of your own vehicle. 


couple in go car on outdoor food tour

Perfect for Couples

Go ahead, be a tourist in your own city! Driving a little yellow car will automatically make you smile. Especially while you’re driving your way through a four-course meal.

  • Additional $135
  • Latest start time is 5pm
  • GoCars can be picked up at Fisherman’s Warf


couple during outdoor food tour


Cruise in the comfort of your own vehicle. You’ll receive the itinerary with detailed stop information so all you need to do is input the locations into your GPS and off you go!

  • No Additional Cost
  • Latest start time is 5pm
  • Start your experience from home!
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Avital Tours has spent that last 9 years designing award-winning culinary experiences. We’re now bringing that expertise to the post-quarantine world with our quirky, yet classy outdoor food tours.

Founder and Owner, Avital Ungar, is a certified sommelier, yet drives a meter maid. So you could say we know a thing or two about quirky class.

Come Eat with Us!








  • Each tour includes 4 courses
  • All food is pickup and will be ready upon your arrival
  • All tours are all-inclusive of food, itinerary, digital map, and audio guide
  • You will eat course outdoors in curated parks and outdoor settings with beautiful views
  • There is an accompanying audio guide for each stop
  • You’ll visit three iconic San Francisco neighborhoods, including Chinatown, North Beach, FiDi
  • Tours are available from 11am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday
  • Cost is $250 for 2 people. Tickets are only available in sets of 2
  • GoCars are an additional $120
  • Advanced tickets are required 
  • Tour follows social distancing guidelines 
  • Guests are encouraged to wear a mask when picking up food