Even as restrictions start to loosen around the country, it’s unlikely that this year’s birthday will feel “normal.” But that doesn’t mean it can’t be loads of fun! From virtual cocktail parties and bike parades to road trips and camping adventures, we’ve rounded up the ultimate list of 40th birthday quarantine ideas that are actually fun. Let’s celebrate! 

make giant to do list for 40th birthday quarantine ideas
Make a giant birthday to-do list

A simple, but beautiful way to enter your 40th year. Think about all the things that make you happy, focusing on the little pleasures of life. Write them down. For example, quiet morning coffee, a fresh towel after a hot shower, talking with your kids, and longs walks at sunset. Make a big to-do list on a roll of parchment or an old piece of cardboard. Throughout the day, make your priority checking off each item. A to-list you’re actually excited to do! 


go on bike parade for 40th birthday quarantine ideas
Go on a birthday bike parade 

Birthday parades have become the new normal birthday celebration. And for good reason — they’re celebratory and a great way to see family and friends on your special day. This idea is in the same vein, but instead of others driving by your house, you ride to them. On your bike! It’s best to organize the parade within your neighborhood so you’re not having to bike too far. “Guests” can be out in their yards with signs and drinks, putting you in the spotlight on your special day. Just send a rough itinerary to guests beforehand so they know when you’ll be rolling by! 


take mini vacation 40th birthday quarantine ideas
Take a mini-vacation

Roadtrip! One of our favorite 40th birthday quarantine ideas. Spend the day on an adventure close to home. During the normal hustle and bustle, we lose sight of the beauty in our backyards. Taking a close-to-home journey will allow you to see your environment in a new way, with an open mind and sense of adventure. Pop a destination into your GPS or turn off the map completely! A great way to stumble across unique landmarks. Pack your own food and drinks to avoid any unnecessary social contact. And don’t forget the perfect playlist to set the celebratory mood.  


luxury happy hour 40th birthday quarantine ideas
Have a luxury happy hour with an expert mixologist 

Virtual happy hours have become the norm. But not all virtual happy hours are created equal. We’re a little biased, but Avital’s Virtual Mixologist is one of the best, most fun and upscale virtual happy hours. Invite your friends to this exclusive, private event, just for you. Include ingredient delivery for a lux, inclusive experience — everything you need is delivered right to each guests’ door. On the event day, you’ll log in to the private video party where you’re greeted by your culinary host and expert bartender. Start shaking a craft cocktail right away as you learn tips and tricks for your mixologist. There are fun stories woven throughout the experience, plus birthday-specific games. You can customize the experience with a photo slideshow — a trip down memory lane! A luxury, and super fun way to celebrate 40!   


camp in your backyard for 40th birthday quarantine ideas
Camp in your backyard 

Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or have never camped in your life, a backyard camping night can be loads of fun. It’s easy to prepare for (everything you need is literally steps inside your house), yet it’s a great way to mix up the monotony of everyday quarantine life. Set up a tent (if you don’t already have one, here’s a great guide) and get a fire going. If you’re with family or your partner, you could also do a gift opening around the campfire. And, of course, don’t forget campfire cuisine. Make something as simple as hot dogs or elevate the experience with steaks cooked on castiron over the flames. 


woman getting massage for 40th birthday quarantine ideas
Treat yo self at the spa 

Some spas and salons are starting to open by appointment only. If you feel comfortable, consider making an appointment for a relaxing day of pampered bliss. Get your hair and nails done, have a tranquil massage, or sweat out the stress in a steam room. If going to the salon doesn’t feel quite right for you yet, bring the salon to you. There are many mobile salon options, like Oasis Traveling Spa serving the Bay Area. They bring everything you need, including linens, equipment, music, and a relaxing ambiance. Let the stress melt away on your special day. 


have a social distancing bbq for 40th birthday quarantine ideas
Have a social distancing bbq  

Sometimes food and friends are all you need for a fabulous day. And although the standard bbq might not be an option, you can still enjoy the day with grilled delights and friends…from a distance. Set chairs up in a way that every group/couple/family can have 6 feet of space. Make it a potluck, but instead of bringing a dish to share, everyone brings their own dish to eat, plus recipe cards to pass around. This way people aren’t sharing germs of a communal dish, but you’re still able to “share” the dish with friends. You can do the same with drinks too! A relaxing, familiar, yet inventive way to spend your 40th birthday. 

Now more than ever it’s important to appreciate what we have and celebrate the wins, however big or small. These 40th birthday quarantine ideas prove that just because things aren’t “normal” you can still have an absolutely fabulous celebration. If a high-end happy hour sounds like your idea of fun, send us an inquiry. We can’t wait to plan the perfect party for you.

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