The Mill in NoPa recommended by culinary guide, Anna Chotzen

If you love toast, of have been searching far and wide for a source of superior bread, you needn’t look further. Read on.

The Dish: Toast, of course. Now, I happen to love toast. Maybe it’s not the healthiest, most nourishing food choice, but for me, its deliciousness never diminishes; that is, if it’s good toast. And recently, I just might have discovered THE BEST toast.

It comes from San Francisco’s The Mill in NoPa and it’s made by Josey Baker.

Breads at The Mill in Nopa

What makes it potentially the best bread is the perfect marriage of soft, spongy interior swathed in a crunchy outer crust. Baked in a stone oven with fresh daily-milled grain, the Josey Baker craftsmen and craftswomen are able to achieve that tasteful outer shell while still cultivating the irresistible soft texture within. It is sheer joy to eat.

 Josey Baker Bread at The Mill in Nopa

Especially with butter.

Now, I even indulged so far as to make two over-easy eggs. Because, why not? Eggs and toast is my all-time favorite pairing.

Key ingredients: yeast, flour, water, salt and sesame seeds.

Other Menu Musts: Did I mention their toast? Oh, right. Well, any other pastry. Their coffee (Four Barrel) is worth the trip as well.

Little Known Fact: There is actually a mill at The Mill! And they mill small batches of grain daily to guarantee the freshest product possible!

Insider Secret: While their $4 toast is enticing and delicious, buying a $7 loaf is a better bang for your buck: there are at least 10 slices in a loaf, and you can have it in your own home to eat at your leisure. Note: store in plastic bag or it will get stale.

The Mill
Address: 736 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117
Phone: (415) 345-1953
Hours: 7AM-9PM Monday
7AM-7PM Tues, Wed, Thurs
7AM-8PM Fri, Sat, Sun