By now you’ve likely adjusted to the new normal. Limited contact, face masks, zoom-ified everything! Everyone is getting creative to keep positive minds and lifted spirits. If you’re celebrating your birthday during quarantine, there are still many ways for you and your friends and family to be “together” and make it a day to remember. Here are our best 50th birthday party ideas quarantine-edition. 

woman driving 50th birthday party ideas quarantine 

Drive By Party Parade 

You’ve likely seen these party parades shared on Facebook or local news coverage. They’re heartwarming, creative, and have become the new normal. But it seems they’re typically celebrated for children. Flip the script and ring in your 50th birthday with a drive by parade of your very own! Make it unique to you by including a theme, perhaps your favorite era. For  the 70s, crank The Beatles and Bowie from your yard, bring out the bellbottoms, and invite your friends to do the same. You can even include parting gifts for guests to pick up at the mailbox. 

cheersing wine 50th birthday party ideas quarantine 

DIY Date Night at Home 

You and your partner are probably missing those special nights out together. Grabbing a drink at your local hangout before heading to a new restaurant that everyone has been raving about! And then on to a show or some live music. We’re nostalgic just thinking about it! Bring that experience to you with a DIY date night at home. Order takeout at one of your favorite places and eat it somewhere different, like on a blanket in your backyard or the rooftop terrace. Don’t forget a cocktail or a nice bottle of wine. And end the night with a live streaming concert or theater performance. One of the best 50th birthday party ideas quarantine-edition to make things feel a bit more normal.

partners cooking 50th birthday party ideas quarantine 

Virtual Cooking or Mixology Class 

If you’re looking for a pampered, yet interactive experience, consider a virtual cooking or mixology class. These virtual experiences by Avital Tours feature an expert chef or mixologist as they walk guests through a recipe, with stories and tips along the way. Craft a fruity, citrusy Blackberry Bramble or learn the perfect paella technique. Each experience has a dedicated host that facilitates the experience and helps to build community. Join a public experience and meet others from around the world. Or book a private experience for just you and your guests. You can even have the ingredients delivered right to your door for a truly celebratory experience. 

woman out car window 50th birthday party ideas quarantine 

Take A Road Trip 

Not an option for everyone, but if your laws allow you to get out of town for the day, it can be a great way to spend your special day. Just remember to be prepared and pack everything you may need for the day, including food and water. It’s also important to remember that many public bathrooms are closed so have a plan for that. Not the most luxurious solution, but there are some great products on the market that may be worth investing in right now!   

woman painting clay bowl 50th birthday party ideas quarantine 

Have a Craft Extravaganza 

If you’re the crafty type (or even if you’re not!) a craft party can be a great way to connect and celebrate a special occasion. It also allows you and your guests to focus on the craft, giving your brain a break from the constant coronavirus news. To host the party, come up with a craft you find interesting. Maybe a piece of DIY artwork, stamped clay bowls, or even something as easy as painting rocks. Ask guests to prepare the supplies a few days beforehand or if you’d like you can deliver the supplies to each guest’s house. On the day of the party, invite everyone to join the same video call, give a little introduction to the craft, and get to work! Each person can go at their own pace, with stories and laughs along the way. At the end you can each share your creation. 

It’s not easy celebrating during a global pandemic. But with a little technology, creativity, and these 50th birthday party ideas quarantine-edition, you can ring in your special day with smiles, laughs, and hope.