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Virtual Thank You Ideas for Clients to Stay Stop of Mind

woman making pasta for virtual thank you ideas for clients

Posted by Molly on 07.07.20

Since the usual dinner and drinks is out of the question for now, thanking your clients and maintaining a relationship with them is more important than ever. With the help of a few online options, you can find a way to keep that relationship strong and say thanks in a... Read More

7 (Actually) Fun Team Building Activities

birth map as virtual team building activities

Posted by Molly on 07.06.20

Although team building activities might look a little different in the virtual world, teams may still feel a little reluctant to engage in those stereotypical “forced fun” situations. But now more than ever it’s important to build relationships with your team and stay connected. The same boring team building activities... Read More

The Ultimate List of 40th Birthday Quarantine Ideas That Are Actually Fun 

go on bike parade for 40th birthday quarantine ideas

Posted by Molly on 06.09.20

Even as restrictions start to loosen around the country, it’s unlikely that this year’s birthday will feel “normal.” But that doesn’t mean it can’t be loads of fun! From virtual cocktail parties and bike parades to road trips and camping adventures, we’ve rounded up the ultimate list of 40th birthday... Read More

The Best Virtual Events for Law Firm Summer Associates

Posted by Molly on 05.22.20

Summer Associate programs give talented graduates an opportunity to test the waters and show their value. It also allows the law firm to recruit the very best talent. In order to secure that talent, it’s important to create not only an educational experience, but also a fun and memorable one.... Read More

Celebrate in Quarantine: 21st Birthday Ideas 

quarantine 21st birthday exclusive dj

Posted by Molly on 05.21.20

Turning 21 is a huge milestone in a young person’s life. It’s a rite of passage, entering adulthood, and becoming legally allowed into bars, cocktail clubs, and other fun drinking venues. But for those turning 21 this spring and summer,  the classic bar hopping 21st birthday extravaganza likely isn’t possible.... Read More

The Best 50th Birthday Party Ideas Quarantine-Edition 

woman out car window 50th birthday party ideas quarantine 

Posted by Molly on 05.14.20

By now you’ve likely adjusted to the new normal. Limited contact, face masks, zoom-ified everything! Everyone is getting creative to keep positive minds and lifted spirits. If you’re celebrating your birthday during quarantine, there are still many ways for you and your friends and family to be “together” and make... Read More

How to Engage and Thank Clients Virtually

person taking picture of food to engage and thank clients virtually

Posted by Molly on 05.12.20

Businesses are being forced to innovate in ways like never before. And this includes the way businesses engage with clients. With restaurants, bars, and golf courses closed, the standard client “wine and dine” has come to a screeching halt. Technology has allowed us to stay connected via video conferencing and... Read More

Top 5 Virtual Bartending Classes to Try This Weekend

man mixing drink for virtual bartending

Posted by Molly on 05.06.20

Since COVID-19 quarantines began the US has seen a large increase in alcohol consumption. While this could certainly lead to some negative impacts, it’s also an opportunity not necessarily to drink more, but to focus on high-quality, crafted cocktails. To help you become a master mixologist, here are our top... Read More

6 Remote Team Building Icebreakers About Food

man holding car during remote team building icebreakers

Posted by Molly on 05.05.20

Food has an amazing ability to bring people together. Even just talking about food allows people to put down their guard and share something special. That’s why food questions are the perfect remote team building icebreakers. Here are our top six tried-and-true questions to get you started!    Share a... Read More

10 Ideas for Your Virtual Bartender Party

Posted by Molly on 05.04.20

By now nearly everyone has participated in some sort of virtual happy hour or virtual bartender party. They’ve become the new norm, which means they may be starting to feel repetitive and predictable. But having a themed experience can help to keep these experiences fresh and exciting! Whether it’s for... Read More