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The Ultimate Guide to San Francisco Food Tours


Posted by alene on 11.01.21

San Francisco is one of the food meccas of the U.S., right in line with New York, Chicago, and New Orleans. In fact, it’s home to over 4000 restaurants with new ones popping up all the time. It’s no wonder in San Francisco, food tours have become increasingly popular. They’re... Read More

19 Team-Approved Icebreakers for Virtual Meetings


Posted by alene on 10.19.21

 Let’s be honest, virtual meetings are hard – especially if you’ve never even met a few of your team members. And oftentimes, we groan and moan at the idea of saying another “interesting fact about [ourselves]” (anyone else forget anything interesting they’ve ever done in their life?). But the truth... Read More

The Ultimate List of Luxury Gifts for Foodies 2021


Posted by alene on 10.18.21

We all have those friends that absolutely love food! I am that friend that absolutely loves food. So, this holiday season, we thought we would present luxury gifts for foodies that will knock their socks off. Here is our ultimate list of luxury gifts for foodies! SAN FRANCISCO FOOD TOUR... Read More

6 Unique Holiday Party Venues: Bay Area 2021


Posted by alene on 09.27.21

It is time to celebrate the end of the year with an epic holiday party for your team! What makes a holiday party epic? Well, I’m glad you asked. There are a few key ingredients. One of the key ingredients is definitely the perfect venue. You are in luck though... Read More

The Ultimate Zoom Holiday Party Guide For 2021


Posted by alene on 09.20.21

I think by now we’ve all become pros on the Zoom app! Between meetings, family events, and just long calls with friends, we know what we’re doing on there now. So, it’s time to host a zoom holiday party for your workplace. And let’s make it fun! Of course, a... Read More

9 Insanely Fun Virtual Halloween Party Ideas for Teams in 2021


Posted by alene on 09.13.21

Halloween isn’t just for kids! For instance, maybe now you don’t have your mom making your costume anymore (maybe you do? No judgements here!) or go trick-or-treating door to door. However, you can still have fun on Halloween! With teams still being remote, or even hybrid these days, it’s easy... Read More

7 Best Hybrid Team Building Activities in 2021


Posted by alene on 08.17.21

As the world slowly opens up, I’m going to hit you with a big silver lining: you get to see your favorite co-worker again – in person! There has been a major shift into a hybrid workplace, which in turn brings around the need for hybrid team building. If you’re... Read More

Where to Eat During Dreamforce 2021 in San Francisco


Posted by alene on 08.17.21

Welcome to San Francisco! I understand you’re here for Dreamforce 2021, how exciting – and exclusive! If you’ve never been to San Francisco, we are happy to have you in our beautiful city. If you have, well then, we welcome you back! Unlike your New York, London, Paris or virtual... Read More