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Why We Love Hybrid Happy Hour (and You Should Too!)


Posted by jessica on 06.10.21

While virtual events are sticking around for now (and likely into the future!), we’re slowly seeing the rise of the hybrid happy hour as places are opening up again. We love happy hour no matter what form it comes in, and that’s why we’re excited to hybrid happy hour become... Read More

12 Best Pride Virtual Events 2021 – For Teams


Posted by jessica on 06.04.21

Pride may be virtual this year, but the spirit still remains the same! One benefit of virtual events is that you get to experience all sorts of Pride celebrations. Whether you’re joining events in your hometown in-person or not, there are lots of great Pride virtual events to check out.... Read More

7 Most Amazing Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Kits (Delivery Included)


Posted by jessica on 05.12.21

With the rise of the virtual happy hour came the virtual happy hour cocktail kit! And we’re not complaining— virtual happy hour cocktail kits make for an easier party set up, especially when delivered to each guest’s door. Plus, there’s a cocktail kit for every palette to satisfy whiskey drinkers... Read More

How To Host Your Own Virtual Wine Tasting Party In 5 Steps


Posted by jessica on 04.05.21

Bring the best of wineries to your event with a virtual wine tasting party! Even if your goal is to simply have a good time, you and your guests will learn the nuances of wine and what they like (and don’t like!), all while spending time together. It’s much easier... Read More

12 Best Virtual Team Building Ideas for Your Cinco de Mayo Fiesta 2021

virtual team building cinco de mayo edition hero

Posted by Molly on 03.19.21

Time to spice up your virtual team building events with some Cinco de Mayo energy. From margaritas with a professional mixologist to a sweet chocolate tasting, we’ve got 12 Cinco de Mayo fiesta ideas for a great time.  And as you’re planning your Cinco de Mayo celebration, we encourage you... Read More

24 Cool & Unique Virtual Team Building Activities for 2021

woman on computer during unique virtual team building activities

Posted by Molly on 02.15.21

While many of us are still working remotely into 2021, we’ve all felt our fair share of Zoom fatigue and virtual burnout. But building relationships and maintaining morale is as important as ever. Keep your team engaged with our list of 24 cool & unique virtual team building activities —... Read More

5 Best Virtual Ideas for a Large Group Conference in 2021

two men making cocktail during large group conference

Posted by Molly on 02.09.21

2021 is here, but we’ve still got a while before we’ll go back to large scale in-person conferences.  And even when we’re able to convene in-person again, we anticipate the virtual event will be around for years to come. But for now, we get it — it’s still a difficult... Read More

‘Tis The Season To Show Your Support For Bars & Restaurants

Posted by Molly on 12.18.20

Bars and restaurants are beautiful, culinary retreats to relax and find joy. They’re gathering places for friends, celebration spots for families, and social hubs for solo travelers. They provide not only sustenance, but comfort, happiness, and pleasure. We can’t imagine a world without them. This holiday season, consider a gift... Read More