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Impress your guests with our VIP Progressive Meals. A multi-location, high end experience. Great for entertaining clients and donors, or treating your top-performing employees. 

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Impress your guests on wheels as you take a spin through 3 of SF’s best foodie neighborhoods. Great for entertaining clients and donors, or treating your top-performing employees. All the perks, all the pairings, and delightful bonuses.



Our most opulent package. Take it to the next level with high-end service and a private limousine. Your guests will never forget this luxurious all-in package. Multi-course, multi- neighborhood prix fixe tasting menu complete with delicious craft-cocktails and wine pairings. Beautiful thank-you gifts leave your guests full and impressed.

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A curated selection San Francisco’s top restaurants including Michelin-starred restaurants. A luxury car will pick you up and take you on an exclusive progressive culinary experience, where your menu will be curated for you by San Francisco’s top chefs. You’ll visit 3 restaurants over the course of the evening from appetizer to entree to dessert, with surprises and delights along the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you accommodate large groups?

    Yes.  We host groups of all sizes from 2-200+ guests.  Talk with your Culinary Curator for details, group rates, and options for your group size.

  • Do we pick the restaurants?

    Well, you could, but then why come to us?  We have the “tough” job of eating at all of San Francisco’s awesome restaurants, finding those quirky characters, and building a culinary experience with story and purpose (that’s also delicious!)  Trust us, that’s why you came here.  Tell your curator about your team’s passions and preferences, and leave the rest to us.

  • What if I don't know my exact group size? Can I still book?

    That’s okay!  You can still book to reserve your date/time with a estimate and adjust later.  Ask your curator for details on adjustments based on group size.

  • Why not choose a cheaper food tour?

    We’re not actually a typical food tour.  We’ve taken the chef’s prix fixe tasting menu to the next level – with each course served at a different restaurant and guests seated at tables inside!   So, also ask yourself – why not choose a more expensive chef’s tasting menu at a single restaurant?  We’re the best of both worlds, and our prices reflect that.  If you’re looking for small bites on the sidewalk, then definitely go with a cheaper food tour.  If you’re looking for something more, give us a try.

  • Is alcohol included?

    Yes or No!  It’s your choice – we offer packages with and without alcoholic beverage pairings.  We can do non-alcoholic beverages also by request.

  • What if my group has dietary restrictions?

    No problem! We can accommodate for all dietary restrictions, just let us know before your event and you’re good to go.

  • Is this a full meal? How big are portion sizes?

    Yes. We have packages great for lunch and others perfect for dinner. Your curator can help you choose which package is most appropriate for your group.
    Our portions are full courses. While other food tour companies might serve you a quarter of a donut and consider that a “tasting”, we’ll serve you the full donut as one tasting.
  • Do you have availability? How much does it cost?

    Submit an inquiry to receive instant access to our event proposal with pricing, and a fast response from your curator about availability.  The online calendar is for public tickets only.  Private events have many more options and are available at any date and any time of your choosing.


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