The San Francisco dining scene is ever-changing, but always delicious and San Francisco food tours are here to show you the best of the best the city has to offer. One thing we love about dining in SF is how dynamic and innovative restaurants are in the city, using the freshest ingredients, starting trends, and constantly changing the way we think about food. Sure, we’re gushing, but San Francisco is a must for foodies. Here’s the food tours you don’t want to miss in 2022.

Coffee, Sweets & The Painted Ladies

You can’t go wrong with a food tour company named “Stretchy Pants”. Stretchy Pants offers a variety of tours, but the on the Coffee, Sweets, & The Painted Ladies tour you’ll get to enjoy some amazing baked goods for a ridiculously sweet brunch. Added bonus? You’re walking it all off! While your own pair of stretchy pants isn’t necessary, an appetite definitely is. Learn about The Painted Ladies and the rest of the neighborhood in a sweet, new way on this San Francisco food tour.


Ferry Building And Farmers Market Tour

The Ferry Building is home to some of the freshest produce and best craft artisans in the city. In just one building you can find the creamiest cheeses, decadent macarons, and tastiest oysters. This Ferry Building food tour expertly picks out some of the best merchants to taste from and gives you history about the build itself. After the tour, browse around some more and grab extra treats, or just enjoy the waterfront with a great cup of coffee— or wine!


A Taste of Japantown

Transport yourself and your tastebuds in San Francisco’s Japantown. There are only three Japantowns left in the United States, making this a unique cultural experience, as well as a chance to support the neighborhood. Though Japantown is small, it is packed to the brim with great restaurants, markets, and cafes. A Taste of Japantown food tour offers tastes of traditional Japanese treats like mochi, okonomiyaki, and onigiri. Plus, many of the tour guides are Japantown locals and can tell you more of the delicious places to visit, and perhaps the best place to go karaoke.


Best of North Beach In Four Courses

Does pizza make your heart sing? The smell of espresso and the sight of Italian pastries make you smile? Then you’ve got to add a North Beach food tour to your list. This must-see neighborhood sits right by the water, adding an extra quaintness to an area home to Italian heritage, influenced by the Beat Generation, and filled with new hot spots. To taste the best of North Beach, you’ve got to do it in four courses— everything from appetizers to dessert. Join Avital Tours for a progressive meal that will leave you full and with an appreciate for this classic, checker table-clothed neighborhood.


Chinatown Food Tour

If a perfect afternoon includes for you includes Hong Kong egg tarts, juicy pork buns, and some flavorful Szechuan cuisine, then add a Chinatown Food Tour to your list. San Francisco’s Chinatown is the oldest in North America, meaning there’s lots of history and culture to take in. And, so much food! The best part about a Chinatown Food Tour is being able to taste the best of the neighborhood, while scoping out the places you want to try next. We guarantee you’ll be back for more.


Art & Food In The Mission

You can’t visit San Francisco without visiting The Mission, and this just wouldn’t be a good list of San Francisco food tours if we didn’t include one! The Mission is the center of Latino culture in SF, and you could walk the streets for ages discovering something exciting on every corner. Here you’ll find great burritos, Latino bakeries, Filipino bites, and more. And on this tour, you’ll even get to enjoy a secret dish at the end. Learn about the history while taking in the art, sounds, and people who make up this great neighborhood.


Craft Cocktail Tour & Bitters Making

Ever heard of a Martini? Mai Tai? Tequila Sunrise? We’re betting you have, and you can thank San Francisco for these classics. The craft cocktail scene in San Francisco is one of the best in the country, with bartenders creating some of the most delicious, innovative drinks in the Bay Area. For those who enjoy imbibing a drink or two, try a Craft Cocktail Tour. Start out by making some bitters, and then drink cool concoctions while learning about mixology.

chinatown-north-beach-walking-tourCHINATOWN & NORTH BEACH WALKING TOUR

You may think Chinese food and Italian food all at once? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying on the Chinatown & North Beach Walking Tour! Chinatown and North Beach have some of the most delicious restaurants in all of San Francisco. Homemade, authentic meals – where you’ll even get the chance to see how Fortune Cookies are made! You’ll indulge in chocolates from one of the top chocolatiers in the U.S.A. and get a behind-the-scenes look at how it’s made.

the-marina-san-francisco-food-tourTHE MARINA TOUR

Get ready for 2-3 hours of Art Deco architecture, history, and croissants with The Marina Tour. This tour is different than the ones mentioned above as you’ll hear all the stories and learn about the goodies through the Sidewalk app. You’ll enjoy a croissant au beurre (which, for those that know, the ‘beurre’ version is way better than the other kind), two tacos, donut bread pudding, and a delicious glass of Prosecco all while taking in the site of the Marina/Pacific Heights district.

inside-a-chinese-food-shopTIPSY ORIGINAL TOUR

On the Tipsy Original Tour, you’ll see San Francisco like never before – through the lens of a few cocktails. You’ll go through the Financial District, Barbary Coast, North Beach, and Chinatown – which means you’ll be hitting the best food spots in the city all in one tour. From paninis to pizza to hot carmel popcorn and authentic dim sum…I’m drooling as I type. You’ll be both satisfied in both belly and heart with this one!

bartender-making-cocktailsSF DOWNTOWN CRAFT COCKTAILS TOUR

Everyone knows the way to elevate a party is to have a signature cocktail or two. With the SF Downtown Craft Cocktails tour, you’ll start with a cocktail party and menu design workshop. Your guide will then take you on a tour of Downtown San Francisco, tasting high-end (and off-menu oh là là) cocktails! After this tour, your parties will never be the same as you’ll bring an element of sophistication that’ll knock the socks off your friends!

plate-of-dumplings-with-sauceCHINATOWN TOUR

Chinatown is chalk full of incredible restaurants so it’s no wonder it shows up multiple times on a list of Foodie-Approved San Francisco Food Tours. This Chinatown Food Tour, from the same company that brings you Coffee, Sweets & The Painted Ladies, is a 3-hour, 7-stop trip through delectable Chinese eats. You’ll visit the very first Fortune Cookie Factory and have some of the best dim sum of your whole life. You’ll visit a 100-year-old restaurant and realize why it’s still standing after all this time.

San Francisco food tours are one of the best ways to enjoy this vibrant city. From cocktails to dumplings, you and your belly will leave happy taking advantage of all the great food in the area.