Chino Restaurant Review written by Culinary Guide, Ida Poberezovsky

Transport yourself back to your college days with the classiest jello shot you’ve ever thrown back.

Chino Restaurant in San Francisco Mission District


The Place: Chino is a restaurant rooted in the people who brought it to life. The “About Us” page is a who’s-who of owners, chefs, and bar managers — without a single word to enlighten the guest as to the genre of the food served. Which is for the best, because Chino refuses to get boxed in. All Asian cuisines are a go at Chino, served with innovative Mission flair and a wink. It’s Asian fusion at its most fun.

The Cocktail: Bar manager Danny Louie has been in the San Francisco cocktail industry long enough to make even a jello shot look fresh rather than….well, tacky. These tart coral gems, The Charlie Champlain Edible Cocktails, are simply beautiful lined up on their platter, with a light dusting of sugar crystals and lime. The zingy taste and the tactile fun of Edible Cocktail at Chino Restaurant in Mission District picking up your drink will bring you back to being a kid, when everything is a finger food and your number one craving is Sour Patch Kids. It’s a great way to start off a meal that is not just sustenance, but — more importantly – adventure.

Key ingredients: sloe gin (a liqueur made with sloe, a relative of the plum), apricot, lime

Other Menu Musts: The Ono Ceviche has a great mouthfeel with buttery ono fish and tender coconut flesh. If you’ve only had Mexican or Peruvian style ceviche with tortilla chips before, the airy rice crackers serve as a surprisingly memorable partner to the tangy ceviche.

Insider Secrets: Chino is beautifully illuminated with hundreds of string lights, making this a great place for a date that’s not only affordable and fun, but also romantic.

3198 16th Street, Mission District San Francisco
415 552 5771
M-F 5pm-1am, Sat-Sun 11:30am-1am