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5 More Things to Do in SF Before You Die

swing at billy goat hill park

Posted by Hana Nobel on 11.21.17

Though it’s a small city, there’s a lot to do, eat, and see in San Francisco. We’ve simplified it for you.  Here are 5 things to do in SF before you die. 1. Try to finish “The Big One” at Bob’s Donuts. Is there anything better than a fresh donut, served hot? Yes, a... Read More

An Iconic Fishermans Wharf Restaurant: A History of Alioto’s Restaurant

Fisherman's Wharf Restaurants

Posted by Avital Ungar on 09.08.16

Here’s a brief history of an iconic Fishermans Wharf Restaurant, Alioto’s. Today, Fisherman’s Wharf is one of San Francisco’s most popular tourist attractions. However, the wharf has always been a huge landmark in the history of the city. First it was a point of entrance for immigrants and then it... Read More

The Story of San Francisco Sourdough Bread: How it was Invented

Posted by Avital Ungar on 07.01.16

Here’s the history and story of San Francisco Sourdough Bread… In the early years of mining mayhem, San Franciscan bakers were perplexed. After biting into their newly baked bread, recipes they had been making in the France had turned sour. Yet, somehow they realized that they liked how the bread tasted... Read More

A History of San Francisco Cioppino: SF’s Most Famous Seafood Stew

History of San Francisco Cioppino

Posted by Avital Ungar on 06.25.16

Many dishes were invented in San Francisco and Cioppino is one of them! Here’s the story and  history of San Francisco Cioppino.  Cioppino is a tomato-based seafood stew that was invented by the San Francisco Italian fishermen of North Beach in the late 1800s using whatever seafood was leftover from... Read More

Self Guided San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf Food Tour


Posted by Avital Ungar on 02.16.16

Fisherman’s Wharf is San Francisco’s most endearing tourist trap and top destination, complete with picture-perfect seaside scenery and tempting gourmet delights. Cioppino (Fish stew), fresh-caught crab, clam chowder and sourdough bread are all specialties of this historic fishing port. You’ll explore these delicacies on this Fisherman’s Wharf Food Tour. These... Read More

Invented in San Francisco: The Lemon Drop Cocktail


Posted by Avital Ungar on 11.05.15

A couple of months ago while I was hosting a dinner party, I was pressed for time and in need of a cocktail that could serve a crowd. I had a bunch of Meyer lemons from a friend’s tree and was desperately trying to figure out what to make that... Read More

5 Cocktails Invented in San Francisco


Posted by Avital Ungar on 05.27.15

San Francisco has been drinking cocktails since the Gold Rush days of the Barbary Coast. Here are 5 Cocktails Invented in San Francisco that are worth taking note of and making a point of trying while you’re here! Cheers! Cable Car The most recent invention on this list, the Cable... Read More

5 Best Places to Drink a Mai Tai in the Bay Area


Posted by Avital Ungar on 05.07.15

Everybody loves a good story; it’s even better when it’s paired up with a delicious cocktail. Here’s a little bit of history of the Mai Tai Cocktail followed by the 5 best places to drink a Mai Tai in the Bay Area. History of the Mai Tai Cocktail The Mai... Read More