Ahhh – the holidays are around the corner, and you haven’t planned a single thing! Don’t worry – deep breath – help is on the way. We’ve all been there, where we’re scrambling to come up with a list of perfect last minute holiday party ideas. But when you’re concentrating that hard, it can be difficult to think of something!

Trust us when we say, your holiday party does not require months and months of planning. All you need is a fun activity to bring your team together to celebrate the end of another successful year.

Here’s our list of 5 amazingly easy last minute holiday party ideas for work! Your only job is to pick the event – and leave the rest up to the professionals!


holiday-virtual-recipe-swapThe holidays are a time to eat, drink and be merry – emphasis on the ‘eat.’ That’s why you should host a recipe swap. Recipes are a unique way to learn about another person on your team. You can learn about their upbringing, their traditions, as well as get insight on a culture you may know nothing about.

Here’s how to do it! Start a shared spreadsheet and have everyone on your team share their favorite holiday recipe. In another column, each team member can check which recipe they’re going to try. This way, all the recipes will be tried, and you’ll have the chance to learn about each one. On the day of the event, hop onto a Zoom call, eat delicious treats, and share in fun holiday stories.


virtual-happy-hour-kitOur virtual happy hour experiences focus on flavor balance and mixology skills, led by an award-winning bartender and culinary host. Craft your own cocktails with instructions, tips, and stories along the way. Upgrade to ingredient delivery for an all-inclusive experience.

If the word ‘delivery’ has you thinking you don’t have enough time, you do. With rush shipping, you can book two weeks prior to the event. If you still feel that you don’t have enough time, you have two more options: 1) Book the experience with BYO ingredients! 2) Move your party to January! Hosting your holiday party has so many benefits. For one, January is more inclusive for those who don’t celebrate Christmas and two, start the New Year off on a high note.


holiday-murder-mystery-partyNow you may be thinking: a murder mystery as a holiday party? And to that, I would say absolutely, yes! With the Not Your Average Holiday Office Party, you’ll be solving the mystery of what went wrong after the Office Holiday Party for a Toy Company ends in disaster! Sounds fun so far, right? You’ll be split into smaller teams of 8-10, where you’ll interrogate the possible culprits in real time. A team of actors will be taking over the roles of the potential suspects, while you cross-examine them and their alibis over 3 rounds. At the end, each team offers their best guess for the culprit.

The Murder Mystery is a fun team-building exercise for everyone to enjoy and let loose right before a busy holiday season!


holiday-karaoke-party-virtualKaraoke can be quite scary when you’re in front of a crowd. You think people are expecting you to sound like Adele – and in fairness, no one can sound like Adele. However, when you’re in the comfort of your own home, some of those fears just melt away and you can have real fun singing karaoke! Stand up and live out your rockstar dreams by belting out your favorite holiday tune. Or maybe go for the duet so you’re not there alone! Baby, It’s Cold Outside, anyone?

Having a karaoke party is super easy – and requires almost no planning. You can find just about any karaoke track online nowadays. If you don’t even want to think about that, try hiring a karaoke MC to take over all the planning with Virtual Karaoke Club. 


escape-to-the-holidays-party-gamePicture this, you’re part of a family of spies that gets together for the holidays in a secret location that changes every year. Your job, along with your team, is to solve a series of puzzles made by the head of the family in order to unlock the travel route and join the festivities!

With Winter Wander-land: An Escape to the Holidays, you’ll break out into teams of 4-5 to solve these puzzles to enjoy the holidays with your family. There will also be a host on hand to answer any questions you may have. Finish off the holidays strong by working together to get the gold!

What your team really wants is a celebration where they can relax, feel appreciated and have some fun! It’s only natural that the busy-ness of the holiday season catches up with us and we forget to plan those important events – like the holiday party! – that mean so much to us. However, we hope this list of last-minute holiday party ideas came in handy for your big celebration!