Go For The Gold This St. Paddy’s Day with our Gold Getter Cocktail Experience!


Our job is to tell you the stories of the people behind the food with a smile and expert knowledge. But first, get to know the faces behind Avital Food Tours. We love what we do and want to share our stories with you!

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Cocktail of Choice: Boulevardier

Favorite Lookout Point: From the top of Tank Hill

Current Culinary Addiction: Dosa Chips




Hannah Levy
Culinary Guide

Cocktail of Choice: Anything with smoky mezcal!

Favorite Lookout Point: Piedmont Cemetary

Current Culinary Addiction: Homemade Kombucha




Ben Mastracco
Culinary Guide: Mission, North Beach

Cocktail of Choice: Beer

Favorite Lookout Point: Mount Davidson

Current Culinary Addiction: Greek Frozen Yogurt at Souvla




Camille Holmes
Director of SF Operations

Cocktail of Choice: Caipirinha, anything with eggwhites

Favorite Lookout Point: Tilden Park

Current Culinary Addiction: Guacamole




Cecilia Philips
Culinary Guide: Mission, North Beach, Cocktail

Cocktail of Choice: Vodka Soda with Lime

Favorite Lookout Point: The Mormon Temple at Montclair

Current Culinary Addiction: Dim Sum




Corinne Sykes
Director of SF Groups

Cocktail of Choice: Anything with Vegetables

Favorite Lookout Point: Kite Hill

Current Culinary Addiction: Pickled Beets




Indigo Jackson
Culinary Guide: North Beach

Cocktail of Choice: Gin Martini

Favorite Lookout Point: Lake Merced

Current Culinary Addiction: Salted Caramel Ice Cream




Jacob Ritts
Culinary Guide: Mission, North Beach, Tendernob

Cocktail of Choice: Rum Coconuts in Dolores Park

Favorite Lookout Point: Lookout Bar

Current Culinary Addiction: Souvla Frozen Yogurt with Baklava




Kevin Longa
Culinary Guide: Mission

Cocktail of Choice: Manhattan

Favorite Lookout Point: Embarcadero

Current Culinary Addiction: Deviled Eggs




Margherita Ventura
Chief Storyteller and Culinary Guide: Mission, North Beach, Tendernob

Cocktail of Choice: Pisco Punch

Favorite Lookout Point: Eagle’s Point

Current Culinary Addiction: Smoked Potatoes




Meesha Halm
Culinary Guide: Mission, North Beach

Cocktail of Choice: Moscow Mule

Favorite Lookout Point: Fort Funston

Current Culinary Addiction: Smoked Yogurt from Noosh




Renee Novak
Operations Coordinator and Customer Service

Cocktail of Choice: Mint Julep

Favorite Lookout Point: Golden Gate Heights Mosaic Stairway

Current Culinary Addiction: Stuffed Green Pepper Soup




Haley Roth-Brown
Culinary Guide

Cocktail of Choice: Lemon Drop

Favorite Lookout Point: Land’s End

Current Culinary Addiction: Moo Hin Nga




Culinary Guide

Cocktail of Choice: Limoncello on the rocks

Favorite Lookout Point: Top of Dolores Park

Current Culinary Addiction: Mochi pancakes




Willda Atienza
Culinary Guide: Mission, North Beach

Cocktail of Choice: Key lime margarita

Favorite Lookout Point: Grizzly Peak

Current Culinary Addiction: Carnitas Tacos from Cantina Verde




Culinary Guide

Cocktail of Choice:  Elderflower kombucha

Favorite Lookout Point: Berkeley Marina

Current Culinary Addiction: Baked sweet potato fries


Dominick Palamenti
Culinary Guide

Cocktail of Choice:  Boulevardier

Favorite Lookout Point: Point Reyes

Current Culinary Addiction: Tacos at Cholita Linda’s




Jack Sweeney
Assistant Curator

Cocktail of Choice:  Gin and Tonic

Favorite Lookout Point: El Medio Bluffs

Current Culinary Addiction: Cold-Smoked Vegetables