With the rise of the virtual happy hour came the virtual happy hour cocktail kit! And we’re not complaining— virtual happy hour cocktail kits make for an easier party set up, especially when delivered to each guest’s door. Plus, there’s a cocktail kit for every palette to satisfy whiskey drinkers and gin lovers alike. We’ve put together a list of the 8 most amazing virtual happy cocktail kits that offer everything from a standard cocktail kit, ingredients to make your own fortified wine, or a custom experience with a professional mixologist.


Image via W&P Design

1. Try the Old Fashioned virtual cocktail kit from W&P

A sleek, compact design fits enough ingredients for two Old Fashioned cocktails, made right at your desk. This Old Fashioned kit is great for those low on space and a perfect transition from work to happy hour. The spoon and muddler are even included, and they are desk-sized! The only thing not included is the “hard stuff” as W&P puts it, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as guests can choose their favorite brand of whiskey. W&P also has a great selection of other virtual happy hour cocktail kits, so be sure to check them out as well!


Image via The Bubble Tap

2. Choose from a variety cocktails with The Bubble Tap

The Bubble Tap got its start bringing bubbly on draft in a cute pink trailer to parties. A great idea, if you ask us (and Lance Bass who is partner in the business!). And their cocktail kits are just as cute! Virtual mixology sessions include a customized cocktail box, sent either in wooden gift box or custom printed box. It’ll really elevate the look of your event, whether you’re planning a virtual bachelorette party or virtual conference. Choose your cocktail from a variety of delicious options, and you’re set for a great time.

3. Explore the world of California wines

If you’re looking for something simpler than virtual happy hour cocktail kits, meet the virtual tasting kit. You’ll get all the fun of a virtual happy hour without the mess of cocktail making! Monochrome is a winemaker out of California that focuses exclusively on white wines. We like this kit because it challenges the notion that red wine is superior or that white wine is one dimensional. With Monochrome’s virtual tasting kit, you’re sure to change your mind. Instructions to set up a  complimentary virtual tasting session is included with each box, so be sure to take advantage of it!

4. Enjoy a Mixology Medley to learn new skills

Cocktails can generally be broken into two families: shaken and stirred. With a Mixology Medley, you get a virtual happy hour cocktail kit that teaches you both style of cocktails. This is a class focused on skill-building, giving you the tools you need to learn how to make tasty shaken and stirred drinks, but also focused on fun, of course! Hosted by an award-winning mixologist, you’ll get tricks of the trade, as well as stories from their time behind the bar. You might even feel qualified enough to become a bartender yourself…or at least be in charge or the margaritas at your next get together.


Image via Curious Elixirs

5. Go nonalcoholic with Curious Cocktail Club

As far as virtual happy hour cocktail kits go, we like this one for the uniqueness. Curious Cocktail Club ships a monthly variety pack of deliciously crafted nonalcoholic elixirs. This subscription service is an easy way to set up a monthly hang, and include drinkers and non-drinkers. All bottles are booze free and made with organic ingredients. And since it’s booze free, you don’t have to worry about any restrictions around sending spirits to different states.


Image via Straightaway Cocktails

6. Sip on some bottled cocktails

Straightaway bottles some “astonishing cocktails” as they put it, and it’s true! What’s more astonishing than being able to pour a well-made Negroni or a Paper Plane straight from the bottle? For Straightaway’s virtual happy hour, you’ll get a sampler set of their ready-made cocktails as you sip on them and learn about the history of drink-making. It’s as easy as— you guessed it— opening a bottle.

7. Taste a selection of beers with a beer flight

This is a great option if you’ve tried many virtual happy hour cocktail kits and want to keep it simple. There are many nuances to beer and a Virtual Beer Tasting will help you answer all your questions. Learn about the look, mouthfeel, smell, and more as you explore the flavor profiles of lagers, ales and IPAs.

Virtual happy hour cocktail kits make having a good time super easy and there’s one for every kind of drinker, with delivery include. Plan your next virtual happy hour with one of these great kits!

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