Eat & Explore in the East Village (Vaccination Required)

12 Foodie-Approved NYC Food Tours for 2022


Posted by alene on 11.08.21

Attention! Calling all foodies, far and wide. You’re visiting New York City – for the first time or the fifth – how fun! You’re excited to get your grub on and eat some truly delightful food but you’re tired of going to the same spots. You don’t know where to... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to NYC Food Tours


Posted by alene on 11.06.21

Ah, New York City, the city that never sleeps! It’s also the city that can have a Michelin star restaurant on the same block as a craft cocktail and a food truck. Everyone that moves to or visits New York always wants to know the best place to eat. And... Read More

7 Best Corporate Holiday Party Venues NYC in 2021

group cheersing during nyc private food tour

Posted by alene on 09.26.21

Your corporate holiday party is right around the corner (how exciting!). But where, oh where, will you be hosting this grand shindig? For your corporate holiday event, you want something unique, fun, and beautiful where your team can really relax and enjoy the celebration. Lucky for you, I came up... Read More

The 7 Best NYC Food Tours (Updated 2021)


Posted by alene on 08.19.21

New York City! The city that never sleeps! It’s also the city where you can get 2 days’ worth of Shawarma for $5 off a food truck, spend $30 for a classic breakfast and everything in between. Whichever road you take, you know you’ll be getting some good food. The... Read More

Ultimate Guide: Best Restaurants in NYC for Every Occasion

Posted by jessica on 07.26.21

There’s no shortage of the best restaurants in NYC— you can find a great restaurant in every borough, every neighborhood, even within the same 5 blocks. With so much great dining available, the question doesn’t become when or where, it’s how? How can you attempt to eat all the wonderful... Read More

Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Events in NYC (Fall 2021)

hero image for ultimate guide to hybrid events

Posted by jessica on 07.26.21

Whether you’re planning a conference or a team building event, you want to find the right balance of making connections in person and virtually, as well as making sure your event runs smoothly. If some of your guests are still working remotely while some are going into the office, that... Read More

8 Luxury 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her (Summer 2021)

person cutting into dish during 30th birthday gift ideas for her tour

Posted by jessica on 07.08.21

A milestone birthday deserves a milestone gift. Lean into luxury 30th birthday gifts for her to make her special day extra memorable. Because if she’s heading into another decade, she deserves a gift that lasts! Luxury gifts really elevate a birthday, and will make anyone feel special. From amazing experiences... Read More

Best Unique Birthday Gifts Delivery for Women (Summer 2021)


Posted by jessica on 06.14.21

Whether you get excited about choosing a birthday gift for your special someone or even if you dread it, sometimes hand delivering the birthday gift isn’t possible. Perhaps you want it to be a true surprise, live across the country, or have a limited amount of time before the actual... Read More

Discover The Best Tasting Water with Virtual Water Tasting


Posted by jessica on 04.12.21

You drink water everyday, but have you ever really thought about how it tastes? Noticed the flavor, the mouthfeel, how it smells?  It’s easy to think that the way water tastes isn’t all that special— in fact, the best tasting water shouldn’t taste like anything at all. But that doesn’t... Read More

15 Fun Virtual Team Building Ideas to Celebrate Kentucky Derby 2021

virtual team building event making mint juleps for kentucky derby

Posted by Molly on 03.05.21

Celebrate “the greatest two minutes in sports” with the help of Zoom, DIY decorations, and of course, lots of mint juleps. Bringing the spirit of Kentucky to your virtual team building event is a fun way to make a virtual happy hour feel new again. Plus, most of these ideas... Read More