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NYC Private Food Tours

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Private Food Tours

Go behind-the-scenes to hear the stories of restaurant owners, bar managers, and industry experts all while eating and drinking your way through the neighborhood restaurant gems. Our NYC private food tours are perfect for corporate events, birthday parties, holiday parties, and more!

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The Avital Experience

Our multi-course progressive meal visits multiple restaurants with each course served at a different restaurant — with a sprinkling of culinary history and stories in between.


1. Start with Our Classic Progressive Meal

Our classic progressive meal packages include seated experiences at all restaurants and your option of 4 or 6 courses, enough for lunch or dinner.

You can choose packages with or without alcoholic beverage pairings, in addition to customizing your experience to fit within your budget with our upgrade options – the ability to add extra tastings, extra beverage pairings, hands-on upgrades, and transportation.

2. Choose Your Neighborhood

3. Select Upgrades and Add-Ons

Take Home Gift

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Team Building

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Hands-On Mini Class

Flavor Tripping

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The Basics

Corporate Team Building in NYC


Corporate Team Building in NYC Infographic


2+ guests: Our private food tours have a minimum $800 $600 spend. If you have fewer guests, you can still book a private tour by choosing the appropriate package to hit the minimum or join other guests on one of our regularly scheduled public tours.

Up to 35 guests: We keep our tours intimate to create unique experiences – this is a perfect group size! We can take up to 35 guests all together in the same group.

35-200+ guests: With multiple guides on staff, we are able to run multiple tours at the same time and bring all the groups together during the experience. Learn More about Large Group Events!

Break-out groups: With Avital Events, even large groups enjoy the intimate restaurant experiences and VIP treatment that our smaller group guests enjoy. Because we visit multiple venues during the event, guests enjoy some courses in VIP break-out groups with their own dedicated host, plus have fun as a full large group at other courses. It’s the best of both worlds and means your group has access to all our delicious restaurant partners, regardless of size.

Avital Events specializes in organizing awesome experiences for large groups. Whether you’re a group of 75, 150, or 300+, we’ve got you covered with special accommodations and seamless logistics.

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We offer private tours Monday-Sundays with start times 11am-7pm. Please submit an inquiry or email for availability.

Why Book a Private Food Tour with Avital

This is the way food tours should be – seated around the table with good food, good people and good stories.

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Pricing Available Immediately Upon Submission 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you accommodate large groups?

    Yes.  We host groups of all sizes.  Talk with your Culinary Curator for details, group rates, and options for your size.

  • Do we pick the restaurants?

    Well, you could, but then why come to us?  We have the “tough” job of eating at all of New York City’s awesome restaurants, finding those quirky characters, and building a culinary experience with story and purpose (that’s also delicious!)  Trust us, that’s why you came here.  Tell your curator about your team’s passions and preferences, and leave the rest to us.

  • What if I don't know my exact group size? Can I still book?

    That’s okay!  You can still book to reserve your date/time with an estimate and adjust later.  Ask your curator for details on adjustments based on group size.

  • Why not choose a cheaper food tour?

    We’re not actually a typically food tour.  We’ve taken the chef’s prix fixe tasting menu to the next level – with each course served at a different restaurant and guests seated at tables inside!   So, also ask yourself – why not choose a more expensive chef’s tasting menu at a single restaurant?  We’re the best of both worlds, and our prices reflect that.  If you’re looking for small bites on the sidewalk, then definitely go with a cheaper food tour.  If you’re looking for something more, give us a try.

  • Is Alcohol Included?

    Yes! or No!  It’s your choice – we offer packages with and without alcoholic beverage pairings.  We can do non-alcoholic beverages also by request.

  • What if my group has dietary restrictions?

    No problem! We can accommodate for all dietary restrictions, just let us know before your event and you’re good to go.

  • Is this a full meal? How big are portion sizes?

    Yes. We have packages great for lunch and others perfect for dinner. Your curator can help you choose which package is most appropriate for your group.
    Our portions are full courses. While other food tour companies might serve you a quarter of a donut and consider that a “tasting”, we’ll serve you the full donut as one tasting.
  • Where do we meet?

    It depends!  After you book, your curator gets hard to work planning an awesome experience threading together partner restaurants, neighborhood landmarks, and quirky stories to fit your group, event date/time, and size.  Once the curation is complete, we’ll let you know the meeting location that suits your itinerary.

  • Do we walk? Can you pick us up?

    Yes and yes! Once you arrive in the neighborhood, you’ll walk about 1 to 1.5 miles total over the 3 hour event.  If you need transportation to the neighborhood, we offer private transportation from your location to/from the event (ask your curator for pricing.)  If you don’t want to walk at all, check out our multi-neighborhood packages. (Submit an inquiry for more info.)

  • Do I get an Itinerary in advance?

  • Do you have availability? How much does it cost?

    Submit an inquiry to receive instant access to our event proposal with pricing, and a fast response from your curator about availability.  The online calendar is for public tickets only.  Private events have many more options and are available at any date and any time of your choosing.

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Looking for a custom tour or neighborhood not currently offered? Want a taste of multiple neighborhoods at once? Please let us know what you’re looking for at what price point and we can put together a custom private tour for your group.

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Why Avital Tours?

Wondering what makes the Avital NYC Private Food Tours different from all other tours? Check out our About Us page for the answer!

We live and breathe by our Core Values:

  • Breathe Curiosity
  • Create Community
  • Embrace Quirky
  • Seize Ownership
  • Build AWESOME Experiences

What's our Value?

  • Our fun and knowledgeable guides
  • Curation of the experience, relationships with high quality restaurants, and dish choice. We eat all of the bad food so you don’t have too – sigh, hard job
  • Stories of the restaurant owners, chefs and neighborhood
  • Facilitating interactions with the community
  • Seamless logistics (tables are reserved, guests are seated and food arrives quickly)