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Private Dinner Party in New York City

Looking for a private dinner party in New York City? Why not try a new approach to entertaining? A prix fixe menu - with a twist....each course is served at a different restaurant!


An Avital four-course progressive dining experience in New York City will re-invent the “classic” dinner party. It will take the progressive meal to a whole new level with each course served at a different restaurant. You’ll have the opportunity to meet chefs and restaurant owners, go back in their kitchens, hear culinary history and behind-the-scenes chef tales. An interactive meal!

Group Size

For Groups of 1­-7 people: Our private dining experiences have a minimum 8 guest charge. If you have fewer guests, you can still book a private tour by paying for 8 guests or join other guests on one of our public experiences. There’s an $800 minimum for private experienecs…

For Groups of 8-­30 people: We keep our tours intimate to create unique experiences. We take up to 30 guests for one culinary guide to keep the group together while laughing and eating…

For Groups of 30 or more people: We can still accommodate you – we’ll rotate between the restaurants and come together for dessert. To learn more about large group private dinner parties, email

Who is Avital?

We are a group of passionate storytellers, telling the story of a neighborhood through its food and the people behind the food. To learn more about our core values and our mission, click here.