Skip the trust falls and awkward happy hours and work to make team building fun. We have team building ideas that don’t suck so your employees participate and your team actually bonds.

Go To A Game

Go see some sports! Team Building Ideas That Don't Suck

Even if your corporate team can’t agree on a sports team, a night at the stadium is still a great way to bond. Book a block of seats or a box so you can all enjoy the game together. Cheer on the Knicks, Rangers, Mets, Jets, Yankees, or whoever else is in town while bonding over hot dogs and beers. A sports game is a great casual setting to get to know each other…despite if you know (or care) a lot about sports.

Book A Culinary Experience

looking for a Team Building Ideas That Don't Suck? go on an NYC food tour and explore a new neighborhood together

One thing that will keep your team happy? Feeding them. Plan your team building event around food. A four-course food tour in WilliamsburgFlatiron, or East Village is a great way to explore a new neighborhood, try new foods, and learn more about your team. At each restaurant, your team will learn how the food or restaurant contributes to the story of the neighborhood, and the tour guide will facilitate ways for your team to bond.  A private tour can be booked for groups as small as 8 to groups as large as 350, so it’s perfect for small team dinners or large conferences. Your team will try something new together while bonding over a love of local food, wine, and cocktails.

Rope Them In

Build trust skills at a ropes course. NYC Team Building Ideas That Don't Suck

Take a break from climbing the corporate ladder and climb something more fun. Get outside and have your team support each other through a ropes course. There are courses all over-close in Long Island,  further away Lake George, or, make it an overnight trip of in the mountains at Frost Valley YMCA Camp. Your team will work through physical, mental, and emotional challenges that will help build confidence, trust, cooperation, leadership, and support. For something more casual-head to a rock climbing gym.

Have a Night (or Day) At the Museum

see a museum in a new way as part of NYC Team Building Ideas That Don't Suck

Bonding at a museum? Yes! Museum Hack customizes corporate museum tours filled with humor, hidden gems and scavenger hunts that will help your company see the exhibits in a whole new way. Choose from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History, or even a Grand Central Scavenger Hunt.


Did our list of team building ideas that don’t suck inspire you? We specialize in creating fun and hands-on corporate team building food tours in NYC. Whether your group size is as small as 8 people or as large as 350 people, we have a culinary experience for you! Please send us an email to to inquire about culinary hands-on corporate team building activities.