Hands On Culinary Activities

Private Progressive Meal with Hands-on Activities Enhancement

You’ll get a behind the scenes look at the NYC culinary scene on our private 4-course progressive meal, while hearing the stories of chefs, restaurant owners, and culinary experts, while getting your hands dirty with our hands on culinary activities enhancement.

Each 3 hour private food tour visits 4 restaurants – with each course served at a different restaurant and thoughtfully curated by our team. For the Hands-On portion of the progressive meal, we will extend one of your 4-courses to offer a hands on culinary activity such as a mixology lessons, or a dessert making experience

3 hours 4 Restaurants $120+ per person

  • Learn about the spirits in your cocktails, their origins and backstories and how to mix them. This 45 minute mixology add on has you shaking cocktails with your group.
  • Learn about the ingredients in your dessert and how to make them.  This 45 minute dessert making add on has you eating and rolling or stuffing with your group.
  • $800 minimum
  • Email nycgroups@avitaltours.com for pricing and information


Why Avital Tours?

Wondering what makes the Avital Hands On Culinary Activities different from all other tours? Check out our About Us page for the answer!

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