Corporate Team Building

We specialize in creating fun and hands-on Corporate Team Building Food Tours in NYC. Whether your group size is as small as 8 people or as large as 350 people, we have a culinary experience for you!


Our 4-course progressive meals are built by locals for locals. Our goal is that someone who lives in the East Village comes on our East Village Food Tour and learns something about her own neighborhood – exploring her own backyard through curious eyes.

Private Food Tours

#CreateCommunity is one of our core values, and a fun team corporate team building experience in NYC is certainly top of mind for our culinary guides when engaging the group in lively discussions.

You’ll get a behind the scenes look at the New York culinary scene on our private food tours, while hearing the stories of chefs, restaurant owners, and culinary experts. Each 3 hour private food tour visits 4 restaurants – with each course from appetizer to entree to dessert is served at a different restaurant and thoughtfully curated by our team.

Our expert guides will help your colleagues create connections through facilitation of our #EmbraceQuirky game to get to know each in a new way. Here’s some actual #EmbraceQuirky responses from guests on our private food tours:

  • “I once spray painted a porcupine for science”
  • “I was once on a hijacked plane in 1979”

Please send us an email to to inquire about your private corporate team building food tour.

Hands-on Corporate Team Building Activities

Want a get hands on and go more in depth with our local restaurant partners? We can offer hands on activities such as mixology lessons and a make your own dessert experience as an enhancement and add-on to our 4-course progressive meals.

Imagine getting intimate with your colleagues with these Hands-on activities:

  • Hands-on Mixology Tasting
  • Hands-on Dessert Class

Please send us an email to to inquire about culinary hands-on corporate team building activities.

Single Location Tasting Events

Smaller budget? or tight timing? Some guests don’t like/aren’t mobile? We can organize a special single location tasting event with multiple courses and a guide to tell stories about the neighborhood during each course, as well as facilitate fun foodie team building activities.

Please send us an email to to inquire about single location corporate team building activities.

Group Size

1-7 people: Our private food tours have a minimum $800 charge. If you have fewer guests, you can still book a private tour by paying the minimum or join other guests on one of our public tours.
8-30 people: We keep our tours intimate to create unique experiences – this is a perfect group size! We take up to 30 guests for one tour guide.
30-90+ people: With multiple guides on staff, we are able to run multiple tours at the same time. Please email or submit an inquiry via our website


We offer private corporate team building food tours, events and tastings on Monday-Friday with start times 11am-6pm. For private tours on Saturdays, please submit an inquiry via the form below or email to check for availability.


Why Avital Tours?

Wondering what makes the Avital Corporate Team Building Food Tours in NYC different from all other tours? Check out our About Us page for the answer!

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