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Fun Things To Do With Your Parents in Flatiron

A full table on a Flatiron Food Tour: A Fun (and Filling) Team Building Activity for Coworkers

Posted by Hana Nobel on 11.13.18

After a long day of work, playing tour guide is the last thing on your mind. For those who work in the Flatiron district, knowing a good happy hour spot may not satisfy your parents’ touristy needs. So after they’ve had their fill of the Flatiron Building, here are fun... Read More

How Can I Get My Team to Participate in Team Building?

Posted by Hana Nobel on 10.30.18

After a long day at the office, it can be hard to convince your staff to stick around for team building activities.  When there are kids at home, gyms to go to, friends to meet up with, team building is last on the to-do list. So if you find yourself... Read More

Fun Date Ideas in NYC

pouring aperol spritz on a flatiron food tour in new york city

Posted by Hana Nobel on 10.16.18

A lot of great love stories take place in New York City. With the beautiful skylines and countless restaurants with moody lighting perfect for canoodling, it’s impossible not to get swept up in it. Well, that is until you’ve been standing on a subway platform for 15-minutes with no train... Read More

5 Best Lunch Counters in East Village

5 Best Lunch Counters in East Village-stop at pierogies at Veselka

Posted by Hana Nobel on 10.08.18

by Jessica Ferrer Somehow, the East Village manages to be eclectic and classic all at the same time. From traditional NYC delis to some of the best Chinese food outside of Chinatown, the East Village won’t fail you when you’re in the neighborhood and need to grab a bite. Here... Read More

Help, My Parents Are Visiting Me In Williamsburg

Head on a four course food tour when parents come to town. my parents are visiting me in Williamsburg

Posted by Hana Nobel on 09.29.18

When the family comes to town, it’s time to show off. Make your parents proud that you pay your rent on time and there’s more than just Top Ramen in your kitchen. You deserve those adulting bonus points. Proving you’re a functioning adult is only half the battle, however. Showing... Read More

5 Novel Places To Celebrate Your Next Birthday In NYC

5 Novel Places To Celebrate Your Next Birthday In NYC

Posted by Hana Nobel on 09.06.18

by Jessica Ferrer When it comes to The City That Never Sleeps, the possibilities for a birthday bash can range from simple to a crazy, all-night affair. But when dinner and drinks start to feel a little cliche, doing something different is in order. There are plenty of choices to shake... Read More

The Best Summer Date Ideas In NYC

go on a date in Central Park and rent a rowboat. The Best Summer Date Ideas In NYC

Posted by Hana Nobel on 07.07.18

Summer is in full swing and summer love is in the air. If you’re looking for a romantic evening (or day!) we’ve got you covered. Here are the best summer date ideas in NYC. Act Like Kids At Coney Island Head to Coney Island and have a great date at... Read More

Our Favorite New York City Ice Cream Shops

Ice Cream on a NYC East Village Food Tour-OUR FAVORITE New York city ICE CREAM SHOPS

Posted by Hana Nobel on 07.01.18

Summer in NYC can be brutal. If you can’t get out of the city for a beach break, an ice cream break is the next best thing. Our favorite New York City ice cream shops are the perfect places to cool off. Big Gay Ice Cream  Big Gay Ice Cream has... Read More

Seven 40th Birthday Party Ideas in NYC

learn a new skill like trapeze or cooking-Seven 40th Birthday Party Ideas in NYC

Posted by Hana Nobel on 06.07.18

We love to celebrate birthdays, so we gathered ten 40th birthday party ideas in NYC. You can use them at any age, of course, but we know year 40 is special. 1. Plan A Birthday Staycation There’s a reason New York City is one of the world’s biggest travel destinations. If you’re... Read More

Food, The Secret Ingredient to Effective Team Building

Food, The Secret Ingredient to Effective Team Building. Guests are gathered around a table bonding over a meal

Posted by Hana Nobel on 06.01.18

If you’re planning an event for your company remember food, the secret ingredient to effective team building. We’ve seen many teams motivated by food, and we really believe it’s an integral part of any team building event. New York is filled with great places to dine, so there’s no shortage... Read More