Whether you get excited about choosing a birthday gift for your special someone or even if you dread it, sometimes hand delivering the birthday gift isn’t possible. Perhaps you want it to be a true surprise, live across the country, or have a limited amount of time before the actual birthday. Whatever the reason, delivery is here to save the day. And though we may rely on delivery more than we’d like to admit, some of the best unique birthday gifts delivery exist on the internet! So here’s your list of gifts that will make her smile, all available with the ease of delivery.


Image via Sendcake.com

Send her a cake explosion

No, not an exploding cake— a cake explosion! What’s the difference, you ask? Well first, there are much less safety risks and no legal issues. A cake explosion is simply a colorful gift box that unfolds to reveal more colorful patterns, music, and a cake! If you’re looking for something unique, a cake explosion can include anything from tons of candy, flowers, stuffed animals, or a party popper! It’s a new way to have your cake and eat it too, plus it’s just adorable. Great for the desserts lover in your life!

Let her relax with a spa box

Instead of taking her to the spa, send the spa to her! A spa or self-care box might sound pretty standard, but its one of the unique birthday gifts delivery on this is list because there are so many options that are fully customizable. You can find spa boxes full of luxury, or go for a box featuring local products. We recommend starting on Etsy to check out spa boxes from small-business owners that allow for custom engraving, handmade products, and cute packaging.

Deliver cocktails right to her door

Birthday cocktails on you! Send your special someone a full cocktail kit with enough ingredients to make two drinks (or mocktails!) as a unique birthday gifts delivery. But the fun doesn’t end there— turn your cocktail kit into a virtual happy hour birthday party and invite yourself too! Your virtual happy hour includes a lesson from an award-winning mixologist for a little VIP class on expert drink making. A cocktail kit + personal mixologist+ all your friends and family on Zoom? Priceless.


Image via Brightland.co

Gift her some of the prettiest, freshest olive oil

We know what you’re thinking– fresh sure, but how pretty can olive oil be? Well, Brightland Olive Oil merges art and food with their beautifully designed bottles that could easily sit on your mantle. This olive oil comes from a family-run farm in California, made with the promise to be straight from the earth. The Artist Capsule set features three bottles of flavored olive oils and labels designed by artists. We know that this list of unique birthday gifts delivery is suppose to be for the birthday lady, but we won’t be surprised if you end up with a set for yourself.

No birthday “sucks” with a succulent birthday box

Sorry, but it’s true! A succulent is the perfect plant to send a bit of easy, green brightness without all of the maintenance of a new, bigger plant. It’s not everyday you get a succulent in the mail, either. This succulent gift box includes a bath bomb, a heart keychain, a scented candle, and lip balm. Everything you need for some relaxing ambiance. A succulent gift box is a thoughtful gesture, without being over the top.

Satisfy the foodie in your life with a Chefinar kit

If you’re looking for a next level foodie gift, a Chefinar is right for you. All ingredients are delivered in a neatly packaged kit, and then on your chosen date a professional chef will teach you how to make a delicious meal out of them. Your special someone gets dinner and a show with a lesson from your chef who will teach you tips & tricks, as well as sharing industry stories. Another unique gift that requires minimal planning from you yet manages to be extra special.

Support global artisans around the world

Travel has been put on hold for the past year, but that doesn’t mean you can pick up something from across the globe for a great birthday gift. The Little Market puts together beautiful gift boxes filled with products that support different small-business artisans, often connecting to a good cause. Send handwoven kitchen accessories, hand poured candles, beautifully carved wooden bowls, and so much more.

The best unique birthday gifts delivery can go far past your standard flowers and balloons! You can send some luxury with a spa box, a unique bottle of olive oil, or maybe even a cake that is sure to be the most exciting cake she’s received in ages. Birthday gifts don’t have to be hard! Especially when there’s great delivery options at your disposal.