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8 Weird Holiday Gift Baskets for 2023

Posted by monica on 12.01.22

Holiday gift baskets are a great way to give a gift to someone that has everything. They’re also great for someone that you don’t know too well and you’re not sure exactly what to give them. However, gift baskets with the usual fruits and sweet treats are a bit humdrum... Read More

7 Most Luxury New York Food Tours in 2023

Posted by monica on 11.16.22

Are you looking for New York food tours, but having trouble finding one of quality that brings you to the finer things in life? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of luxurious New York food tours for you to choose from so you don’t have to do the research.... Read More

7 Best NYC Walking Food Tours in 2023

Posted by monica on 10.11.22

They say New York is the city that never sleeps. They also call it the Big Apple. We like to think it’s the “big apple that never sleeps!” That has a ring to it doesn’t it? Seriously though, one of the things New York is most well known for is... Read More

7 Most Incredible Charcuterie Chalets for 2022

Posted by monica on 09.20.22

Food trends online are continuous and are always offering up tasty inspirations for us to create our own pieces of edible art at home. There are some amazing edible creations you can find out there. Well, tis the season! Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite charcuterie chalets online... Read More

12 Unique Corporate Holiday Parties NYC for 2022

Posted by monica on 09.16.22

It’s getting to be that time of year again! Time to plan out your company’s holiday event. There are so many options for corporate holiday parties in NYC. We’ve narrowed it down to seven for you to choose from.  Corporate holiday parties should be engaging, fun, and most importantly cheery... Read More

7 Unique NYC Experiences (Better Than Virgin Experience Gifts!)

Posted by monica on 08.22.22

Experience gifts are becoming more and more popular for any gift giving occasion. Whether it’s for your loved one, colleague, a couple you want to treat to a romantic time, or even yourself, experience gifts offer an actual experience, rather than an object in a box. And in the great... Read More

6 Foodie-Approved Spots to Eat During NYC Restaurant Week 2022

Posted by monica on 07.25.22

NYC Restaurant Week 2022 is coming up! Don’t get overwhelmed by all the options – we have a curated list of our six favorite restaurants to eat during this delectable time of year.  But, what is restaurant week? Restaurant week is a period of time every year where restaurants in... Read More