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Celebrate Graduation in NYC with These 5 Unique Experience Gifts

graduation students at sunset

Posted by Molly on 05.24.22

The Covid-19 pandemic imposed a lot of travel restrictions around New York City. Tourists were unable to visit for a long period, causing the city’s decade-long record growth in tourism to drop significantly. Still, much like similar pandemics of the past, Covid-19 is slowly being contained. While things will never... Read More

15 Fun Virtual Team Building Ideas to Celebrate Kentucky Derby 2022

virtual team building event making mint juleps for kentucky derby

Posted by Molly on 03.05.21

Celebrate “the greatest two minutes in sports” with the help of Zoom, DIY decorations, and of course, lots of mint juleps. Bringing the spirit of Kentucky to your virtual team building event is a fun way to make a virtual happy hour feel new again. Plus, most of these ideas... Read More

18 Luxury Ideas to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday During Covid (Updated 2022)

two women laughing as they celebrate 30th birthday during covid

Posted by Molly on 02.15.21

Safely celebrating your 30th birthday during COVID doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious. In fact, we think that’s even more reason to treat yourself! Whether you’re ordering delivery from an upscale restaurant or splurging on a private experience with a mixologist, you can still make your 30th birthday feel special.... Read More

What We’ve Learned About Engaging Clients Virtually

Posted by Molly on 08.28.20

Since March, our team at Avital has served over 6,500 virtual guests. We’ve learned a ton about virtual events and how to make them interactive, memorable, and fun. We’ve hosted team building events, birthday parties and anniversaries, corporate parties, and client appreciation events. Here are our key findings about engaging... Read More

Infographic: What Your Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Says About You

Posted by Molly on 08.12.20

Old Fashioned If you’re stirring up an Old Fashioned for your virtual happy hour, you’ve got an appreciation for the finer things in life. Sipping on a good bourbon is luxurious in itself— and drinking an Old Fashioned makes that luxury last a little bit longer. Find a background of... Read More

How to Host a Virtual Happy Hour With a Real Bartender: 2 Options

expert bartender making drinks for virtual happy hour

Posted by Molly on 08.06.20

The virtual happy hour routine usually goes like this: gather your guests, send out a video chat link, stock up on your favorite drinks, and enjoy the open bar (a.k.a. your kitchen) with your group. It’s a fun, easy way to pass the time and stay connected.  But we get... Read More

How Many of These Virtual Happy Hour Memes Can You Relate To? 

Posted by Molly on 07.30.20

We all need a laugh during shelter-in-place. These virtual happy hour memes will not only give you a giggle, but are extremely relatable. As we go through our first career quarantine together, nothing makes you feel more excited than a virtual happy hour. An excuse to drink with your coworkers?... Read More