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14 Crowd-Pleasing NYC Office Team Building Activities for 2022


Posted by alene on 03.29.22

When you’re considering office team building activities in NYC, they have to be a good time! Team building activities have gotten a bad rep. Oftentimes, employees think they’re required to go, and that management didn’t put any real time and effort into planning to make them fun and enjoyable. That’s... Read More

Ultimate Guide: New York Team Building


Posted by alene on 02.27.22

Let’s talk team building. I know that it’s a term that’s often thrown around when team morale is low, and you need to spike everyone’s energy. But what if we reframed the way we looked at it? Instead of waiting until it is necessary, use these activities to get ahead... Read More

17 Foodie-Approved NYC Food Tours for 2022


Posted by alene on 11.08.21

Attention! Calling all foodies, far and wide. You’re visiting New York City – for the first time or the fifth – how fun! You’re excited to get your grub on and eat some truly delightful food but you’re tired of going to the same spots. You don’t know where to... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to NYC Food Tours


Posted by alene on 11.06.21

Ah, New York City, the city that never sleeps! It’s also the city that can have a Michelin star restaurant on the same block as a craft cocktail and a food truck. Everyone that moves to or visits New York always wants to know the best place to eat. And... Read More

7 Best Corporate Holiday Party Venues NYC in 2021

group cheersing during nyc private food tour

Posted by alene on 09.26.21

Your corporate holiday party is right around the corner (how exciting!). But where, oh where, will you be hosting this grand shindig? For your corporate holiday event, you want something unique, fun, and beautiful where your team can really relax and enjoy the celebration. Lucky for you, I came up... Read More

The 7 Best NYC Food Tours (Updated 2021)


Posted by alene on 08.19.21

New York City! The city that never sleeps! It’s also the city where you can get 2 days’ worth of Shawarma for $5 off a food truck, spend $30 for a classic breakfast and everything in between. Whichever road you take, you know you’ll be getting some good food. The... Read More

Unique Graduation Dinner Ideas in NYC

People raising a glass to cheers

Posted by alene on 05.14.19

It’s easy to make any celebration feel special here in NYC, from 40th birthday parties to baby showers. Having a graduation dinner in the city leaves you endless options for a delicious meal, and since this may be the only time you’re graduating, why not make it one to really... Read More

5 Unique Dining Experiences in NYC

5 Unique Dining Experiences in NYC-food tour-Maximize your unique dining experience in NYC on a food tour.

Posted by alene on 04.12.19

As people who love food, it’s our mission to try as many restaurants as we can. It’s an easy goal to accomplish in New York City where there are 24,000 restaurants in Manhattan alone. The list of places to try only gets longer, never shorter. Since time is precious and... Read More

21st Birthday Ideas in NYC for Foodies

book a private tour! 21st Birthday Ideas in NYC for Foodies-

Posted by alene on 01.24.19

Whether you’re a native New Yorker or planning a birthday trip to NYC, celebrating your 21st birthday in the city is going to be one for the books. Of course, we know it’s all about (legally) drinking to your heart’s content and well, body’s dismay. As foodies ourselves, we know... Read More

5 Best Lunch Counters in East Village

5 Best Lunch Counters in East Village-stop at pierogies at Veselka

Posted by alene on 10.08.18

by Jessica Ferrer Somehow, the East Village manages to be eclectic and classic all at the same time. From traditional NYC delis to some of the best Chinese food outside of Chinatown, the East Village won’t fail you when you’re in the neighborhood and need to grab a bite. Here... Read More