Our Team

Our job is to tell you the stories of the people behind the food with a smile and expert knowledge. But first, get to know the faces behind Avital Food Tours. We love what we do and want to share our stories with you!



Cocktail of Choice: Boulevardier

Favorite Lookout Point: Domino Park

Current Culinary Addiction: Dosa Chips




Marguerite Vinet Imbert
Culinary Guide: East Village, Flatiron

Cocktail of Choice: Sparkling water & orange bitters

Favorite Lookout Point: Any humble fire escape

Current Culinary Addiction: Goat milk kefirs



Rachael Feldman
Culinary Guide: East Village

Cocktail of Choice: Gin Bramble

Favorite Lookout Point: Driving across the BQE

Current Culinary Addiction: Pad Kee Mao




Jacob Ritts
Culinary Guide: East Village, Flatiron

Cocktail of Choice: Rum Coconuts

Favorite Lookout Point: Staten Island Ferry

Current Culinary Addiction: Frozen Yogurt with Baklava




Renee Novak
Operations Coordinator and Customer Service

Cocktail of Choice: Mint Julep

Favorite Lookout Point: Dumbo Waterfront

Current Culinary Addiction: Stuffed Green Pepper Soup