About Us

Avital Tours is a culinary experience company who provides a behind-the-scenes snapshot of an iconic New York City neighborhood by telling its story through its people and great food (and drink, of course!)

Wondering who we are? Here’s a little bit about Avital Tours and why our 4-course progressive meals are unique.


Values-Bullet-PointBreathe Curiosity

Values-Bullet-PointCreate Community

Values-Bullet-PointEmbrace Quirky

Values-Bullet-PointSeize Ownership

Values-Bullet-PointBuild Awesome Experiences




Each 4-course progressive meal starts with appetizers, followed by an entree and concludes with dessert with each course served at a different restaurant. Along the way, our expert guides will provide a snapshot of an iconic neighborhood by telling its authentic story through its people and great food (and drink, of course!) #BuildAwesomeExperiences


We pride ourselves on working with the best quality restaurants in each neighborhood ranging from hidden gems to local favorites. Let us tell you their story! #CreateCommunity


We choose restaurant partners for their quality and stories. Yes, you’ll leave satisfied, but we want you to taste and experience food in a new way – and to us its about the quality and flavor — and quality isn’t cheap. #BreatheCuriosity


Our goal is that someone who lives in the East Village comes on our East Village Progressive Meal and learns something about her own neighborhood – exploring her own backyard through curious eyes. Ask lots of questions and take the experience to new levels for yourself. #SeizeOwnership


We are energetic, fun and quirky — and are ridiculously passionate about everything edible we put in our mouths. And most importantly, we will make you laugh! #EmbraceQuirky

Why is Avital Tours more expensive than other NYC food tour companies?

You may be asking yourself why would I pay $100 per person for an Avital Tour when I can go on a $50 food tour from other NYC food tour companies? Here’s why:

Avital Tours has a different business model

We choose which restaurants we want to introduce to our guests and curate the experience to feature the best restaurants and stories of each neighborhood. That means that when we choose to work with the best restaurants in each neighborhood, they don’t need our business since they are already popular with locals. We don’t ask them for discounts or free samples or ask them to participate in our tours for marketing purposes. Quite the opposite: we make sure to pay full price for tastings and tip their staff generously in order to support local businesses and ensure quality relationships.

Thus, our restaurants love welcoming our groups and are genuinely happy to have you in their restaurant. The restaurant owners, chefs and staff go out of their way to provide great service and hospitality to our guests, oftentimes spending time chatting with our guests. They go above and beyond to reserve us a table inside of their restaurant instead of having our guests stand on a street corner eating nibbles outside.

Avital Tours focuses on quality

We serve substantial tastes at each restaurants. With other NYC food tour companies, you will receive a small taste cut into 1/4 or 1/2 sizes. We believe that you eat with your eyes first, so we focus on presentation and make sure to serve you full substantial tastes.

And, since we focus on quality, we aren’t choosing the cheapest tastes on the menu, instead we are choosing what genuinely tastes good and we think you must try since you may not have ordered it yourself!

Avital Tours is a curated storytelling experience

We are storytelling through food. Food first with great stories on the side. We are not a history tour with food as an afterthought. We don’t believe in throwing boring facts at you that you’ll likely not remember afterward. We would rather tell you a fun, engaging and interesting culinary story – and that story curation and restaurant curation takes time and lots of research!

Come Eat with Us!