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Our cooking and storytelling virtual seminars feature a local chef or restauranteur as they lead you through a recipe special to them with amazing stories along the way. Cook along with the chef or be in the moment. You can ask questions and engage with the chef or other guests.

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How It Works

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Book a virtual chefinar experience and add on ingredients or a take-home gift delivered to each participant.

Ingredient Box

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Upgrade to include ingredient delivery, containing all of the ingredients necessary to cook along with the chef. Delivered right to each guests’ door!

Take-Home Gifts

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Keep the experience going even after the session with a take-home gift. Choose from a restaurant cookbook or artisan chocolates.


WE CAN ACCOMMODATE ANY SIZE GROUP BUT PREFER TO Keep it intimate. Groups of 10-30 guests make for a great experience.

Fewer Than 10: If you have fewer than 10 guests, you can still book a private event but must purchase 10 guest tickets.

More Than 30: For groups over 30 guests we prefer to add additional hosts and make use of break-out rooms so all guests have a chance to interact.


We offer private chefinar experiences Monday-Friday with start times 9am EST-9pm PST. Please submit an inquiry or email to schedule your session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Chefinar a full meal?

    No. Each Chef presents 1 featured recipe selected to be versatile in your kitchen and easy to incorporate with many different meals your family might enjoy. For example, a side or a sauce which works with lots of meals. Portions are enough to share for 2.

  • When do you need our addresses?

    Addresses must be submitted at least 14 businesses days in advance to ensure pre-event delivery of your ingredients.

  • What if we don't upgrade to delivery?

    Totally fine! We’ll send you an ingredients list in advance if you’d like to still cook along with Chef, or you can simply watch and learn and ask questions as you soak in the stories and techniques.

  • Can we choose the recipe?

    Each chef selects their own recipe to share that’s special to them, as well as be approachable and versatile.