Holiday Experiences Are Here! Get Early-Bird Pricing Now

Holiday Experiences Are Here! Get Early-Bird Pricing Now

Food-Themed Team Building Icebreakers

Venice beach team: Why Team Building is Worth the Money (Especially in LA)

Posted by on 05.11.18

We don’t know anyone who doesn’t love to talk about food. We’re eating enthusiasts who surround ourselves with other food lovers. On the thousands of tours we’ve given, we’ve found that everyone has something to share when it comes to eating. That’s why we think that food-themed team building icebreakers are... Read More

What To Eat At WoodSpoon, Our Favorite Brazilian Restaurant Los Angeles

Try the croquettes at What To Eat At WoodSpoon, Our Favorite Brazilian Restaurant Los Angeles

Posted by on 05.05.18

If you’ve been on our Downtown LA tour you know how much we love WoodSpoon. It’s our favorite Brazilian restaurant Los Angeles! Chef Natalia Pereira owns the restaurant and also runs A Bite For Peace,  a traveling, family-style dining experience that promotes peace and builds communities across the globe through the sharing a home-cooked... Read More

3 Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Los Angeles

3 Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Los Angeles: roller derby

Posted by on 04.30.18

Los Angeles is a huge city that offers everything from surfing to museums to the nation’s best taco trucks. There are lots of stereotypical LA activities, but if you’re looking for 3 cool and unusual things to do in Los Angeles use this list instead. 1. Go to a Roller Derby... Read More

3 Cool Restaurants in LA To Visit Now

Cool Restaurants in LA: Kato

Posted by on 04.27.18

It’s easy to find cool restaurants in LA. The city is huge, the culinary scene is growing, and there’s so much to eat. But figuring out which of the cool restaurants in LA to visit first is more difficult. Luckily, our expertise is finding the best places to eat and... Read More

Your Self Guided Walking Grand Central Market Food Tour

Posted by Avital Ungar on 04.25.18

Opened in 1917, Grand Central Market is a historic downtown landmark and Los Angeles’ oldest and largest public market. Throughout the last few years, downtown Los Angeles has been going through a revitalization and Grand Central Market is the perfect place to experience the city’s unique and rich diversity. Neon... Read More

Our Picks For The Best Sushi in LA

Sushi Gen is some of the Best Sushi in LA

Posted by on 04.24.18

It’s not easy to choose the best sushi in LA. Los Angeles has a lot of sushi options stuffed  Little Tokyo, a strong Japanese presence on Sawtelle in West LA, and of course strip malls all over the city. We’re always up for a food challenge, so here’s our list... Read More

The Top 10 Things to Do in Los Angeles 2018

hollywood cocktail tour cThe Top 10 Things to Do in Los Angeles 2017

Posted by on 04.20.18

The year 2018 is moving quickly and it feels like it just started! Things are getting even busier and it will feel like the holidays in no time. Remember to make time for adventures and good eating during the rest of 2018. Not sure what you need to squeeze in? Here is... Read More

5 Ultimate Things to Do in Los Angeles

Posted by on 04.18.18

We’ve got beaches and baseball, Hollywood and The Hobbit House, Griffith Observatory and Grand Central Market. LA is filled with activities around the clock, and it can be overwhelming. Let us narrow it down for you. Here are 5 ultimate things to do in Los Angeles. 1. Dance at The Abbey The... Read More

The Best Spring Food Events Los Angeles

smorgasburg: Things To Do Around LA For Food Lovers

Posted by on 04.15.18

When it comes to food events Los Angeles comes through as a city that cares about eating. Here are the best events this spring that will whet your appetite, literally and figuratively. Street Food Cinema Looking for dinner and a movie? Have a choice of both at Street Food Cinema. Screenings, on... Read More

5 Places to Eat Before Your Hollywood Cocktail Tour

fermented food at baroo: 5 Places to Eat Before Your Hollywood Cocktail Tour

Posted by on 04.11.18

We recommend having a bite to eat before you visit three bars and learning about Hollywood history. (We all have not-so-fond memories of drinking on an empty stomach, right?) Plus, there’s so much great food in the neighborhood, you might as well make an event out of it. Here are five... Read More