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Memorable Private Dining Rooms In DTLA

Posted by Hana Nobel on 06.12.19

Life is a journey full of milestones: weddings, graduations, and birthdays. This is all the more reason to rent out a private dining room in Downtown Los Angeles to celebrate. DTLA is now one of the most desired places to live in Los Angeles. The restaurant scene is explosive, providing... Read More

Memorable and Unique Graduation Dinners in Los Angeles

Posted by Hana Nobel on 06.06.19

   Are you on the hunt for a memorable and unique graduation celebration in Los Angeles? With a city sprawling of four million people, Los Angeles is comprised of endless restaurants to choose from, but how do you choose with so many amazing options? We’ve done the homework for you.... Read More

The Best Birthday Party Places Los Angeles Has To Offer

Posted by Hana Nobel on 05.29.19

Is your birthday coming up? Are you not sure what to do? Then let us help you with a list of the best birthday party places, in Los Angeles! Adulting is necessary, we get it, but having fun should be just as welcome into our lives. Los Angeles is filled... Read More

What To See on a Walking Tour of Downtown LA

Posted by Hana Nobel on 05.24.19

If there is one thing Los Angeles natives, transplants, and tourists have all agreed upon it’s that Los Angeles is not a walking city. But, there is an exception to every rule and downtown Los Angeles is one of them. With its towering, historic buildings, bustling pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, and the... Read More

Four Fun Day Trips From Los Angeles

Posted by Hana Nobel on 05.13.19

Los Angeles is an invigorating city full of endless things to do, but sometimes you just need a break from four million people. When you’re in need of a little getaway from this bustling, big city, these fantastic destinations are less than two hours away from Los Angeles making it... Read More

Our Favorite Places To Eat In Venice

wine taste about plant food + wine: Where To Go Wine Tasting in Venice

Posted by Hana Nobel on 12.26.18

We love Venice for many reasons-its proximity to the beach, its art scene, its history of counterculture, and of course the food.  Here are some of our favorite places to eat in Venice. Rose Cafe and Restaurant Why we love it: It’s a Venice staple. The historic Rose Cafe has been... Read More

Things To Do Around LA For Food Lovers

3 Cool Things to Do in LA That Even Locals Don't Know About: secret dinner club

Posted by Hana Nobel on 12.26.18

On any given day there are tons of things to do around LA. And, if you’re someone who loves to eat you’re in one of the best food cities in the world. Here are some of our favorite things to do around LA for food lovers. Cook With Grandmas Even if your grandma isn’t... Read More

The Best Birthday Party Ideas In Los Angeles

Posted by Hana Nobel on 12.13.18

Make this year the best one yet. Here is our list of the best birthday party ideas in Los Angeles so you can plan a great celebration. Roll It Out Roller skating parties were probably popular in your younger days (middle school roller discos anyone?) but they’re back! Moonlight Rollerway and... Read More

5 Beautiful Restaurants In Los Angeles

Wabi Vence. 5 Beautiful Restaurants In Los Angeles

Posted by Hana Nobel on 10.01.18

Lots of the best restaurants in Los Angeles happen to be stuffed into strip malls. And as Jonathan Gold showed us, many of them are delicious, despite not being the most beautiful. But LA is filled with its share of beautiful restaurants as well.  Here are five beautiful restaurants in... Read More

Where to Eat in Los Angeles When You’re Dining Solo

Top 5 Cool places to eat in LA: Bestia

Posted by Hana Nobel on 08.15.18

Group dinners are fun, but sometimes you want to enjoy a meal alone. When you’re a party of one (emphasis on the party) it’s hard to know the best spots to dine. Here’s where to eat in Los Angeles when you’re dining solo. Kazu Nori There are many great things... Read More