We’re Back in LA with Interactive Meals! Play With Your Food!

We’re Back in LA with Interactive Meals! Play With Your Food!

Entertaining Clients in Los Angeles


Looking for a unique way to spend time entertaining clients in Los Angeles outside of the office?

Our walking food tours are 4-course progressive meals. Each course is served at a different restaurant, basically a roving dinner party!  We’ll handle all of the logistics, so you can focus on your clients instead of on the menu. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to sit next to a different person at each course thereby talking to more of your clients throughout the tour.

We assemble 4-courses into one larger packaged culinary experience. We take you back in kitchens, spend time chatting with chefs and restaurant owners, and create unique food and alcohol pairings – and above all tell you the stories that shape a neighborhood!

Group Size

1-7 people: Our private food tours have a minimum $800 charge. If you have fewer guests, you can still book a private tour by meeting our minimum or join other guests on one of our public tours.
8-30 people: We keep our tours intimate to create unique experiences – this is a perfect group size! We take up to 30 guests for one tour guide.
30-90+ people: No problem! Send us an email lagroups@avitaltours.com and we’ll put together a custom experience for your group.


We offer private food tours for you to start entertaining clients in Los Angeles on Mondays-Fridays with start times 10am-6pm. For private tours on Saturdays, please submit an inquiry via the form below or email lagroups@avitaltours.com for availability.




Why Avital Tours?

Wondering what makes the Avital Los Angeles Food Tours for entertaining clients different from all other activities? Check out our About Us page for the answer!