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Category: Culinary History

Five of the Best Celebrity-Spotting Restaurants in Los Angeles

Gjelina in Venice is one of the best Celebrity-Spotting Restaurants in Los Angeles

Posted by Hana Nobel on 01.20.17

When you’re in Los Angeles, you’ll likely run into someone famous. Those run ins can range from happening at a coffee shop to running into a musician on a hike through Runyon Canyon. Like US Weekly says, celebrities are just like us, which means they have to eat. In case... Read More

5 Best Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles and the Rise of Vegan Culture

Rise of Vegan Cuisine in Los Angeles and 5 Best Vegan Restaurants to Eat At

Posted by Avital Ungar on 01.15.16

All stereotypes aside, New England has a much longer and more profound history of veganism than California. After all, there were actual vegan colonies in Massachusetts way back in the 1800s. But it could be argued that Los Angeles is where the practice of avoiding all animal products was perfected.... Read More

Invented in Los Angeles: The French Dip Sandwich and 5 Places to Eat It

French Dip Sandwich and 5 Best places to eat it

Posted by Avital Ungar on 01.13.16

The invention of the French dip sandwich is one of L.A.’s most hotly contested culinary legends. Some people say it was invented at Philippe’s, the cheap Chinatown restaurant especially popular among city workers and Dodgers fans. Others maintain the honor goes to Cole’s, the former check-cashing/electric utility/train station that now... Read More