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Custom Events and
On-Site Activations

Unique, custom-designed events, with all-inclusive
ingredients and staff. D
esigned to increase attendance,
impress VIPs, and achieve your grandiose goals.

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Case Study #1: Meeting Professionals International

Engaging Event Planners at the Flavor Perception Bar

Problem: Event planners have seen it all! MPI hired us to produce something new and different, yet engaging and snappy for the audience of event planners at their annual, high-volume conference.

Solution: We developed the Flavor Perception Bar, featuring a luxury water tasting and mind-bending flavor tripping. Our engaging “flavor-tenders” invited guests in to sample 3 entirely different waters from around the world, then to take a flavor trip using tastebud-altering miracle berries.

Results: The bar pulled in a consistent crowd of people around the booth, all chatting and mingling while they  experienced flavor like never before. Many guests returned to the bar with others which gave them high-quality networking talking points and increased connection.

Case Study #2: Private Event Client

#YouArtWhatYouEat Interactive Event

Problem: We were hired to built an event around an art theme, designed to engage the customers of our client.

Solution: We took the theme and made the guest the artist with interactive stations. We partnered with awesome local restaurants, each with an art/food activity, like Jackson Pollock donuts and kitsch cocktails. Guests mingled through the stations, creating, snacking, and connecting.

Results: By making the guest the artist vs. the viewer, we created a lasting impression, keeping our client top of mind. The event resulted in social media engagement and great photos.


Case Study #3: Pfizer

Customized Cocktail For Virtual Conference Experience

Problem: Our client hosted an annual event, in-person, typically in a tropical location, for the doctors of their institution. When COVID didn’t allow them to host this event in-person, they came to us for a virtual substitution.

Solution: We custom designed a virtual conference happy hour for this group of doctors shortly after the COVID vaccine was released, featuring a custom cocktail recipe called “The Vaccini,” a fun spin on the traditional martini. The event featured a world-class bartender, luxury cocktail kits shipped to every guest, plus tropical decor and fresh citrus fruits to mimic the tropical setting where their event was supposed to be held.

Results: There was an exceptional attendance rate, plus positive feedback from both the organizer about the easy booking and the guests about the high-energy event. It wasn’t the same tropical getaway, but it was a safe, fun alternative that connected the group from afar.

What Are Custom Events and On-Site Activations?

Our custom events and on-site activations take your problems and turn them into delicious, interactive solutions. Whether you want to impress VIPs, engage your team, or shake up a conference, our custom-designed food+drink experiences will help you reach your goals.

How It Works

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Build for Large Groups, Conferences, VIPs

Our custom solutions are designed to impress and engage. Whether you’re hosting important clients or producing a large conference, we can design the perfect experience for you and your group.

  • Choose Any Day or Time
  • Any Group Size
  • All-Inclusive Events

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