We’re excited to host you! Once you’ve confirmed a date with your prospect, book the date and make the cocktail or menu selection directly through this online booking calendar:


  • Book the mixology at least 3 weeks in advance*
    • Give yourself at least a week before the address due date to collect guest addresses.
    • Addresses must be submitted to Avital 10 business days prior to event.
  • Shipping to the contiguous United States only.
  • We cannot ship alcohol to Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Idaho, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, & Utah.
    • Ingredient kits shipped to those states will omit the alcohol, but sub in soda water to make the kit a complete non-alcoholic beverage.
  • Minimum headcount of 12 attendees, maximum of 15**
    • We recommend 10 attendees from your account, 2 from Braze
    • We can have up to 15 attendees if your account has a large team or you wanted to add another person from Braze.


  • At least 3 weeks prior to event: Collect guest address 
  • 2 weeks prior to event: Mailing addresses due 
    • Submit attendee mailing addresses 10 business days (ie 14 calendar days) ahead of the event.
  • 1 weeks prior to event: Avital Team sends welcome email to all event guests 
    • Email includes the cocktail announcement + mixology kit delivery update.
  • 1-4 days prior to event: Mixology kits arrive
    • Mixology kits have all the ingredients, including alcohol, needed to make 2 cocktails. 
  • 1 day prior to event: Avital Team sends reminder email to all event guests 
    • Email includes zoom link and passcode + prep details for ingredients and bar/kitchen tools.

*3 week lead time is a Braze requirement. Avital’s standard lead time is 10 business days. 

**Maximum of 15 headcount is a Braze limit. Avital’s maximum headcount is 100+ guests.