Cozy up indoors with a cocktail! Our tours are a great wintertime activity

  • Storytelling Through Food

  • A Progressive Meal

  • With Delicious Food...

  • ... And Local History


We create 4-course progressive dining experiences, which build from appetizers to entree and finish with dessert. Each course is served at a different restaurant. We think of ourselves as storytellers, showcasing each neighborhood through the people, places, and great food (and drinks).

We don’t offer typical food tours. We take you back in kitchens, spend time chatting with chefs, owners, and culinary experts, and create unique food and alcohol pairings. You’ll see, smell, and taste what shapes each unique neighborhood, from the food to the art, history, and culture.

Our San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City 4-course culinary experiences are built by locals for locals. So when someone who lives in the Mission, East Village or Downtown Los Angeles eats with us, she learns something new about her own neighborhood – exploring her own backyard through curious eyes.

 This is a social dining experience where our mission is to deepen human connections. We feel the best dining experiences are the ones in which we’re seated around tables sharing food and stories with others. We hope that Avital is the best culinary experience you’ve ever attended.