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Category: Restaurant Reviews

Los Angeles Fun Restaurants in LA for Birthday Parties

Button Mash Los Angeles Fun Restaurants in LA for Birthday Parties

Posted by Hana Nobel on 01.10.18

A birthday meal is our team’s favorite way to celebrate. These spots are our favorite Los Angeles fun restaurants in LA for birthday parties. From a more formal sit down dinner to a curiosity-filled cafeteria, we’ve got ideas no matter what your style. So let’s celebrate…and eat.  Clifton’s   There are lots of fun... Read More

The Top 5 Cool Places to Eat in LA

Squirl is one of the Top 5 Cool places to eat in LA

Posted by Hana Nobel on 06.19.17

Los Angeles has a strong culinary scene and the hot new restaurant changes constantly. It can be hard to keep up with the newest trend and score a reservation. These top 5 cool places to eat in LA are interesting, delicious and fun. We promise any potential waits are worth... Read More

Where to Find the Best Lobster in Los Angeles

Where to Eat in Venice: The Anchor

Posted by Hana Nobel on 05.02.17

Though it’s a seaside city, Los Angeles isn’t known for lobster. Despite being thousands of miles from Maine, however, it’s easy to find great lobster in LA. Local chefs have put their own twist on lobster rolls, paid homage to LA food with lobster tacos, baked the seafood in pot... Read More

Los Angeles Restaurants with Private Rooms

Pizzeria Mozza is one of the Los Angeles Restaurants with Private Rooms

Posted by Hana Nobel on 04.11.17

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, holiday party, rehearsal dinner, or business dinner, it’s good a private space for your event.  And if you want to be well fed during your event, throw it at a restaurant. These Los Angeles restaurants with private rooms are some of our favorites. Pizzeria Mozza... Read More

Best Cheap Eats in Downtown Los Angeles

Best Cheap Eats in Downtown: Grand Central Market

Posted by Hana Nobel on 04.02.17

Sometimes you want to treat yourself to a fancy meal, but other times call for cheap eats. Luckily, Los Angeles is filled with lots of trucks, stands, and restaurants that don’t break the bank.  Whether you’re looking for a quick bite (tacos, anyone?), or to sit down and enjoy something... Read More

24-hour LA Restaurants: Eat Great Anytime

Canter's Deli is one of 24-hour LA Restaurants:

Posted by Hana Nobel on 03.15.17

New York may be the city that never sleeps, but luckily Los Angeles has restaurants open all night for West Coasters who don’t want to sleep.  There’s plenty to eat in Los Angeles at any hour. These 24-hour LA restaurants never close, so you never have to go hungry. Canter’s... Read More

Top 10 Restaurants Near LAX

ASAP Phorage is one of Top 10 Restaurants Near LAX

Posted by Hana Nobel on 03.07.17

Airport food is rarely impressive, so it’s important to know where to grab a meal before or after a flight.  Our top 10 restaurants near LAX are places we love to sit down for a meal or get some takeout food to bring on board with us. It’s good to... Read More

Five Los Angeles Chefs You Should Know About


Posted by Hana Nobel on 12.05.16

Los Angeles is an amazing food city. Some of the best meals in LA come from taco trucks and hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurants where you will never know the names of the people who made your food. But despite being a giant city, there are chefs that are well known among... Read More

7 Best Team Building Activities for Companies in LA


Posted by Avital Ungar on 10.28.16

Anyone who lives in Los Angeles knows that it is quite a feat to get westside and eastside coworkers to all come together in one place, especially after work hours. These 7 team building activities for companies in LA will definitely motivate your coworkers to put on something other than... Read More